Namotel a new company launched what they call the cheapest smartphone for a price for Rs. 99 much cheaper than the Ringing Bells Freedom 251 smartphone that was launched for Rs. 251. Like the Freedom 251 this one also might get few days of fame and then people will forget about it.

Should you buy the Namotel Acche Din smartphone for Rs. 99? The answer is no, definitely no but in case you have no issues spending Rs. 99 and don’t mind if you don’t get the product or the money back, you can buy (or try buying) the handset from the website.

The biggest problem with these companies coming up with unbelievable price tags of smartphones without a prototype, is their website, you might have experienced the Freedom 251 site and now experience the same with, their websites simply cannot handle  the traffic.

Clearly these companies are not investing in proper servers leave alone the fact that they are into the mobile business.

But this definitely is a big advantage to consumers because there is no way of ordering these handsets thanks to their websites that keeps crashing. So is this  a Scam or not, well really does not matter, no one is getting anything and no one is spending anything thanks to the ‘connection has timed out’.

And in case you get to the page here is how the home page looks like, check the price from left to right (wow to whaaaat!)

Namotel Acche Din smartphone

 Namotel Acche Din features and specifications

Dual SIM handset with 1GB RAM and 4GB internal storage. Handset supports 3G and houses the 1.3GHz quad core processor (chipset unknown). There is 3MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. Battery is 1325 mAh. Screen is 4 inches HD.

Namotel Acche Din handset for Rs. 99

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -