MMXnewscaster latest tweet is about Micromax gearing up to launch a waterproof phone (IP67 certified). Though it is still unconfirmed – treat it as a rumor until we get some concrete evidence.

The waterproof technology using the nano coating already exists. The Moto G probably is coated with the same waterproof chemical. I have seen this technology in action; the hardware and even the batteries can be coated. The chemical cannot be used on the inner screen, hence OGS screen is recommended.

Once coated the handset can be submerged in water (1m deep) for about 30 minutes. If the hardware and the batteries are coated with this waterproof chemical there is no need to seal the handset  – for example covering the 3.5mm jack, micro USB port and any such opening.

Micromax Splash waterproof phone?

If you accidentally drop such handset in water, just open up the battery compartment and let it dry for few hours and it will work. Let’s see what Micromax comes up with and would specially be interested in the price, the waterproof technology is not that costly.

Tip: Mayank Bajaj.

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  1. he gogi.. sir…
    what you think about this…
    I happened to drop my canvas hd in a bucket full of water, and it remained there for about 30 seconds I guess. then I took it and immediately removed the battery, sim, and sd card.. and I let it to dry in moderate heat for 3 days.. and then when I tried to boot it… boom.. and it worked as if nothing has happened to it.. I just wanted to know how it could be possible???

    1. The hardware would have damaged if you would have switched on without drying. All you need is few traces of water and some power to short circuit the motherboard.

  2. Gogi I want to buy canvas turbo but I am also confused that should I wait for the launch of canvas knight!! I want to buy the phone befrore the end of march! So what should I do???

    1. Go ahead & buy it else moto g is finally here,Therefore it can’t get any bigger than this
      why don’t you buy a moto g instead i’ve purchased it from flipkart & trust me its worth every penny !

      1. Thanks but moto g is not an option for me coz I want a phone with a good camera !! So should I buy turbo or should I wait for the release of canvas knight?

          1. Ya dude it is awesome but till now there is no clue about its launch hope it lanches soon !!! Before end of march I hope !!

  3. Mmx’re popin’ up wit there new smartphone evry nw n than, I wish dis gonna cum wit a kiler lukz, othrwise sorry…

  4. Hii Gogi, The Marathon series M2 with a massive 4200mAh battery, 1.3GHz Quad Core processor is now available for INR10,999 only!

  5. Micromax now you are going really worse every time a new leak but no launches i am sure the mmxnewscaster is their only and they make hypes using their tweeter page ….

    micromax knight,micromax 4.4 update and now this also they till now have launched 30+ handsets so they are really going mad only 3+ handsets are useful others are just something is missing in them so micromax please.keep shut up ….. and make a suppperrbbbb handset like MOTO G…..!!!!!

  6. Hi Gogi Sir,
    Apart from Micromax Splash,is there any new information about the Canvas Knight launch date in India?When Micromax wil launch it after making lots of buzz in the please provide us any type of new information regarding canvas A350(Knight).