MMXnewscaster latest tweet is about Micromax gearing up to launch a waterproof phone (IP67 certified). Though it is still unconfirmed – treat it as a rumor until we get some concrete evidence.

The waterproof technology using the nano coating already exists. The Moto G probably is coated with the same waterproof chemical. I have seen this technology in action; the hardware and even the batteries can be coated. The chemical cannot be used on the inner screen, hence OGS screen is recommended.

Once coated the handset can be submerged in water (1m deep) for about 30 minutes. If the hardware and the batteries are coated with this waterproof chemical there is no need to seal the handset  – for example covering the 3.5mm jack, micro USB port and any such opening.

Micromax Splash waterproof phone?

If you accidentally drop such handset in water, just open up the battery compartment and let it dry for few hours and it will work. Let’s see what Micromax comes up with and would specially be interested in the price, the waterproof technology is not that costly.

Tip: Mayank Bajaj.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -