Ringing Bells the company that launched Freedom 251 the cheapest smartphone in India had already mentioned that they got over 6 crore registrations and on the first day itself around 30,000 valid payments for the same. The company will now be offering cash on delivery options for those who registered but were not able to make the payment.

When the Ringing Bells Freedom 251 handset registration began there was a huge rush, most of the consumers wanted to buy the handset that carried a price tag of ₹251 + a nominal shipping charge, a total of well under ₹300.

Their website crashed and even the payment gate via CC Avenue crashed. Very few users managed to complete the transaction. There are still a huge number of consumers who registered but still waiting for the payment gateway link via email.

Ringing Bells as per their post on Facebook has now mentioned that the rest of the customers will need to make the payment at the time of delivery. They still have a huge list of consumers and they will soon send the first 25 lacs registered users an email about the cash on delivery terms.

freedom 251 cash on delivery

The Ringing Bells Freedom 251 website freedom251.com was inaccessible for sometime, but some users have confirmed that it is working now.

Latest Update: All the customers who made the payments for Freedom 251 will now get a refund, the company will be using COD method only. Registered users will get the handset and they will need to make the payment at the time of delivery.

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  1. They are more troubles from Govt & IT by the way of all eyeing on them.. So, they gave money return back to all people.

    I feel finally they will not deliver any handset and close the chapter within few days to escape them. We dont know, what they expected to do, but finally they came out from this scam.

  2. Customers will get a refund, then delivery via COD method.

    This means they will refund everyone Rs 251 and will not deliver the handset by cash on delivery as they will say item out of stock. Refund money and COD Good move by company to save themselves,as people afterwards cannot shout that they paid money and did not got handset:)

  3. 10 % aditional discount by SBI debit/ credit .card payment.
    15% on HDFC
    15 % by pay u money
    I’m waiting for these offersoffersΠ?????????

  4. hadd hp gayi sunte sunte..itna mara mari ke bad sabko milega baba ji ka thullu including me 😀

  5. Only a very very foolish person would provide personal identity and contact details to such a dodgy company!

  6. COD is a good option it is also a safe option, they should have used this option right from the beginning.