Ringing Bells had hired Cyfuture call center (BPO) to handle their helpline. As per Cyfuture, the company Ringing Bells has abruptly terminated the services because of unsatisfactory performance. CyFuture had hired around 100 people to handle the calls for Freedom 251.

CyFuture claims that Ringing Bells breached the contract, they had a minimum lock-in period of one year, moreover the company also did not make the weekly payments as agreed upon, they made false allegations and now terminated the services.

Ringing Bells on the other hand are saying that they did outsource the job to Cyfuture BPO, the company however was not able to keep up with the traffic of around 12 lakh calls per hour for Freedom 251 inquiries. Ringing Bells is looking into the issue to serve customers better.

Cyfuture BPO fraud allegation on freedom 251

Many users had indeed commented that the call center numbers were not responding.

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    Posted on February 29, 2016
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