Infocus well known for their Mobile smartphones have now ventured into the TV domain. They have officially launched HD / Full HD LED TV’s from 24” to 60” screen sizes with a price tag that starts from ₹9,999 up to ₹70,000. Furthermore Infocus is also offering free demo at home services.

Infocus has introduced a new concept – free demo at home, wherein customers can experience King Size LED TV demo right in their home. The customers not only get to feel and check the quality of the product but they also get an idea about how the TV would look in their house.

Infocus is working with world’s best electronics manufacturer Foxconn to ensure excellent quality and standard. The King Size LED TV’s are using A+ Grad Back-lit LED panels for vibrant colors and amazing picture quality.

Infocus 60 inch LED TV

Infocus 50 inch LED TV

Here are the complete range of Infocus LET TV’s with their price

InFocus 24” (60Hz) with WXGA resolution – ₹9,999.
InFocus 32” (60Hz) with WXGA resolution – ₹15,999.
InFocus 50” (60Hz) with Full HD resolution – ₹34,999.
InFocus 60” (60Hz) with Full HD resolution – ₹69,999.

Infocus LED TV Specifications Infocus LED TV Specifications 2The home demo services will be available across 18 major cities in India – only for the 50 inch TV for now.

These LED TV’s will be made available on Snapdeal from February 29 2016.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -