Do not buy the Freedom 251 handset, yet!

The Freedom 251 handset that was launched yesterday for ₹251 sounds too good to be true. If you have visited the website, you will notice that the buy link is active. The whole process looks too distrustful.

First of all the whole thing is very unprofessionally managed. Their site is slow, crashing most of the time, you will get a page to enter basic info after you hit the buy link button, try entering some fake info and see – it will  load the website to process the payment, even that will crash most of the time. They used CCavenue, cause I guess that requires zero setup fee.

So if a company is going the unprofessional way and not spending money initially, it is highly unlikely that they will be able to provide the units within 4 months. Another thing that adds to suspicion is the hands-on units that users got to experience at the event, it had whitener covering the Adcom logo on the front (top). The company is not at all prepared at the initial stage, how will they handle this huge traffic and the delivery?

I would suggest not to buy, or even enter your data there, wait and watch. It also looks like either Defense Minister skipped the launch event or that was just a hype created for publicity.

freedom 251 cart

freedom 251 shipping address

ccavenue oops


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