Here is the recently launched Moto G5S Plus and the CoolPad Cool Play 6 handset comparison. The unique thing about these handsets is the dual cameras on the back.  The pricing is good and this comparison will help you understand which one will be the best for you.

There are several things common on both these handset, when you compare them. I am going to highlight only those features that are different, so as to keep this article short and to the point. Both are good handset (specs wise) and comes with a good price tag.

CoolPad Cool Play 6 Vs Moto G5S Plus

Design / Display : Both handsets come with 5.5 inch FHD screen but design is different. G5s Plus screen comes with Gorilla Glass 3 Protection. The newly launched Moto G5S Plus has got that traditionally Moto look and also comes with the Moto Dimple on the back. CoolPad Cool Play 6 on the other hand looks like the Cool1 with some minor design changes.

RAM / ROM : Cool Play 6 comes with 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM whereas Moto G5S comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. Well extra 2GB RAM will not make much of a difference but if you are getting that for a lower price tag then why not?

Weight and Thickness : For the selected some – Cool Play 6 weight is 175 grams and is 8.45mm thick and Moto G5S Plus weight is 168 grams and is 9.5mm thick.

Coolpad cool play 6 vs moto G5s Plus

Camera : Both Handsets come with 13MP + 13MP dual camera setup on the back, they can shoot 4K. And even the front camera is the same i.e. 8MP. As far as the camera quality is concerned I will be checking that, wait for the reviews.

Hardware : Coolpad Cool Play 6 is powered by Snapdragon 653 octa core processor with Adreno 510 GPU and Moto G5S Plus is powered by Snapdragon 625 octa core with Adreno 506 GPU. Performance will be better on the Play 6.

Battery : Moto G5S Plus houses a 3000 mAh battery whereas Cool Play 6 comes with 4000 mAh battery.

Other Unique Feature : Both handsets support VoLTE and there is one more unique thing on the G5S and that is NFC which is missing on Play 6. Finger Print sensor position is different on G5S it is on front and on Play 6 it is on back.

Price : When it comes to pricing the CoolPad Cool Play 6 is cheaper than the Moto G5S Plus. Play 6 is priced at Rs. 14,999 and the Moto G5S Plus is priced at Rs. 15,999. ‘

Conclusion : CoolPad Cool Play 6 looks much better in terms of hardware and price. Though only after a full review we will know which one is the best. I have almost finished with the Cool Pay 6 review, was waiting for a update to fix some UI issues and that update was rolled out just yesterday, hence the delay.

As for Moto G5S Plus review have asked for Review unit from company, no reply yet.

Xiaomi will be launching their dual camera phone on 5th so maybe you would want to wait for that.

Published by Gogi Rana

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  1. Does Moto G5S Plus and Coolpad Cool Play 6 has the inbuilt Applock ? Or I’ll have to use third party application for that feature ?

  2. The only negative point to this and almost all Moto phones…..ugly look and thick size…thats the only reason I never bought Moto phones till date but placed order for my colleagues and friends.. I m waiting for the time when Motorola will make slim and good looking phone (like Asus Zenfone 3). Till date bye bye Moto.

  3. dear Gogi,

    does moto G5S plus supports VoLTE , means can we make calls or video calls by jio sim without using Jio4G app.

    as in specs VoLTE is not mentioned i had ordered please reply soon

  4. Hello All
    Coolpad Vs Moto G5s plus.
    G5s plus clear winner.
    Reason :
    1 : Moto Brand Value
    2:tock software and best optimised Ui in market moto has very clean nd smooth.
    3 : Build quality .You can buy moto device mainly for its build.i have two Moto G 1st gen in my family nd running like new.
    4 : Waterproof coating nd screen protection is in Moto.
    5 : After u buy good device you Getting bore in 8-10 months and asking updatez if any new has been released in market.
    This is where i always prefer Motorola
    They update their mobiles as fast As google nd also almoat bugless rom.
    6 : camera: well compassion will clear it but if moto gives excellent not super output then i will prefer tht excellent to buy first cuz above points are also needed.
    7: coolpad is lazy in updates nd we dont know when it gona vanish from india like its major share holder company Le 2(i own Le 2 also)
    8 : Moto device last so long i mean they are durable nd trusted brand too
    Real competitor is Mi 5x which is going to release on 5th sept.

  5. The one thing against Coolpad are those ugly looking bezels. Looks like cheap chinese garbage.

  6. Dear gogi Sir,

    Is Cool Play6 Have Any Type Of Screen Protection Like Corning Gorilla Glass Or Something Else? In Cool1 Dual Have Corning Gorilla Glass. I Purchased Cool1 Dual After Your Review.


  7. Please compare all dual camera phone from cool 1 dual,coolpad cool play 6 , honor 6x, Nubia z 17, lenovo k8 note, moto g5s +, micromax evolk dual and mi 5x camera wise and price wise so we can buy the handset on our budget.

  8. In terms of performance, cool 6 is better and capable of playing any game without any lag. But it gets bit hot up to 46 degrees. Camera on Moto seems to be better in manual mode. In auto mode both are closely matched.

      1. all SD chipsets built on 28nm reach 40 degrees or more when pushed hard.
        jeekyranjeet gaming review of this handset confirms this.

        1. Depends on the environment you are in. If you are doing review in hot place then it will heat more if in cold place it will heat less. I follow standard procedure controlled environment, (can’t tell how) but as per that it is under control. and even 40 degrees is acceptable, up to 50 degrees acceptable and am talking about battery temp not CPU temp / other temp.

          1. By being in temperature controlled (A/c) room?

            For every review, fix temperature with the help of AC.

          2. Nope I never do testing in AC room. Plus there are a lot of things you need to consider, since most reviewers are in a hurry they do not follow a standard procedure as a result they get different results different time. There are simple steps I cannot tell cause then those reviewers will get the Knowledge. But I can tell you what most of them are doing is user reviews – meaning if there is issue they starts complaining, a professional reviewer on the other hand will find out what the issue is and see if it can be fixed before continuing with review, this takes time but who has time everyone wants to come out with review first / videos first cause they need traffic.

        1. Surrounding temperature will have small impact around 2 to 3 degree. Does not matter what the environment calculate using common sense and you will get the answer.

      1. Thanks!. If it has then i will be buying this. If not then i was thinking to buy Oneplus 3 or 3T from Quikr. Let me know if this will be a good option.

    1. I can tell you the camera of Cool Play 6 is as good as seen on the Cool 1, I will need to check G5S plus though. The Play 6 review will be up soon in a day or two.