Xiaomi has sent out invites for their next launch, it will be a flagship model and the event is scheduled on 5th September. Manu Jain VP Xiaomi, has also tweeted about the same. The hashtag #XiaomiGlobalLaunch looks interesting.

Whenever the word Flagship is used it usually means that the price will usually be on a slightly higher side compared to the other models launched by the same company. Now the next handset a dual camera phone that Xiaomi is planning to launch could well be the Xiaomi Mi 5X.

India is a very price sensitive market and the company is not going to launch anything over Rs. 25K, in fact not even between 20K to 25K range. The sweet spot is between Rs. 10K to Rs. 20K. So the logical option is the dual camera Xiaomi Mi 5X that was launched in China.

Xiaomi Mi Flagship Dual Camera smartphone coming soon

The Xiaomi Mi 5X comes with dual cameras and its price in China is RMB 1499 that comes to approx Rs. 14K. Chances are very high that the company may launch this handset in India on 5th September and price could be below Rs. 16,000.

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  1. Mark my words…

    Xiaomi is going to lunch the Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 as it’s new flagship dual camera mobile.

    Its satisfied all conditions.

    1. Cheap @18k
    2. Flagship
    3. Dual camera
    4. Best processor @SD660
    5. Front fingerptint

  2. Camera is different on mi5x which uses omnivision camera or ov shortform whereas mi6 uses flagship quality camera which are sony imx386 and samsung photo clarity and f/1.8 which is better in low light watch video on youtube you will see i am using mi6 from 2 months i am happy with mi6

  3. Well this be global launch or India launch!! ?
    And I think the model is not something which is totally new!!

  4. could be 5X or some all new handset since they have mentioned it as “global launch”.

  5. The same camera used in Mi 6 is used in Mi 5x but without OIS which is quite a setback. They use 12mp dual camera in both Mi 5x and Mi 6. But the price in China is around INR 16000 equivalent. You can search it in http://www.banggood.com

  6. Gogi Sir, As Mentioned Word “Flagship”, Which Refers To The Top Notch Specification And Relating That Line, I Guess They Gonna Release The Beast “Mi6”.

  7. Most of the most probably it is mi5x launching around 15k.
    Whatever be the speculations if price goes any thing beyond 15k it will be flop show.
    Xiaomi knows this very well.

  8. Gogi Sir,
    Last time Xiaomi did a glabal launch in India with Redmi note 4 SD625 which was not launched anywhere before not even in China…so this time how can we expect them to launch the Mi5x or Mi6 in India which has already launched in China ???

    1. Indian market is different, they will usually go for something that will cost less. Mi 6 not possible if you look at Mi 5 that was not that successful for price.

      1. yes sir…I agree but my question is this time they will launch a whole new product or the existing product in India ??

  9. my opinion it may be mi 6, since they use flagship word, its meaning that price will be high..
    at other side mi 5x .. price in between 15-16k… there redmi note 4 is apprx 4gb model price around 14k…if this is nt flagship then how 15-16 k comes under flagship…
    flagship may be above 20k….

  10. Mi6 is launched in Thailand and Pakistan.
    Why not India? This brand is really taking Indian market for granted.

  11. Camera is the only Big letdown in xiaomi phones. Can’t even think if single phone was good at camera. If the camera in this phone is upto the mark then no doubt it will sell like hot potato

    1. Very unfortunate to you brother. This camera is also very avg. only . As of now the best camera of xiaomi is in mi6.

        1. Don’t expect too much from xiaomi especially in terms of camera. their cameras simply bad. if you want an excellent value for money buy mi otherwise choose another brand if the camera or build quality is what you need. Currently using cool1 dual 4/64gb imported the beast for me in all department and excellent VFM

    1. And Mi is still not available officially in pakistan, even they do not launched their website how can they sell products.


      1. Mi is officially in pakistan. I saw the website too. They mentioned mi6 and mi max 2 on product list.