You all know that Xiaomi (Mi India) will be launching a new smartphone on 5th of September and it will be their first dual camera smartphone for the Indian markets. Now it could be the Mi 6 or the Mi 5X, Xiaomi has now giving a new hint.

There is no official confirmation but if you look at this image of dual camera on the Mi India website for the dual camera flagship model that they will announce on 5th, the text clearly says ‘introducing a new series by Xiaomi‘.

Now this rules out Mi 6, it is likely that it could be the Mi 5X (X series is new in India), or there is a chance that Mi India may launch a totally new series and it could be a totally new product with new specs or the same product that was launched in China but here in India they might have added that in a new series.

Xiaomi Dual Camera Smartphone coming soon

Another thing is the teaser video / text by Xiaomi also mentions the words ‘Global Launch‘, there is  big probability that it could also be a totally new product.

Well we will have to wait for the official launch, I will be there for the launch and will update as soon as the product is announced, stay tuned.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -