Xiaomi today launched their flagship model the Mi 6 in China. This is a Snapdragon 835 octa core powered handset packed with 6GB RAM, 64GB ROM (internal storage) and comes with dual cameras on the back.

Xiaomi Mi 6 features and specifications

The Xiaomi Mi 6 houses the qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (10nm) octa core processor coupled with Adreno 540 GPU. Antutu score – 184292. Mi 6 features a 5.15 inch screen supporting 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. There is 6GB RAM, 64GB ROM. This is a dual SIM handset, there is no external card slot support..

Mi 6 is using stainless steel frame with high gloss, it also comes with 4 sided 3D curved glass that gives a more smoother feel / more rounded corners. MIUI 9 runs out of the box. Front camera is 8MP and rear camera. There are dual cameras (12MP wide angle + 12MP telephoto camera with 2x lossless zoom) on the back. Camera also comes with 4 axis OIS.

Mi 6 launched in China

Other features are 4G LTE, VoLTE, 3G, 2G, GPS, dual speakers on the front, WiFi, Finger Print sensor, NFC, Scratch resistant, splash resistant and Bluetooth. A 3350 mAh battery powers this handset.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Price in China

Mi 6 price (6GB+64GB) = RMB 2499 (approx Rs.23,000)
Mi 6 price (6GB+128GB) = RMB 2899 (approx Rs. 27,000)
Mi 6 price (ceramic) (6GB+128GB) = RMB 2999 (approx Rs. 28,000)

Xiaomi  Mi 6 launch in India

With launch of Mi 6 in China, there is a high probability that the handset will also be launched in India pretty soon.

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  1. Xiaomi mi5 32gb China price 2000rmb…. Indian price 25000rs.
    Xiaomi MI6 64gb China price 2400rmb…..
    So Indian price definitely will be more than 28000rs.

  2. Bought MI6 6gb ram 3350 mah battery quickcharge 4.0 best part portrait camera 64gb ufs2.0 MI fan will buy mi phone screen size is also perfect to hold using mi6 from 1 week no hang no issue while playing games colors are accurate screen is vibrant build quality is better than mi5 everything is sync from contacts to messages pictures with ease and mi locking the phone even if you format it is best I have seen in any mobile paid no custom

    1. You can. But it will be full of chinese blotware. There will be no google chrome or gmail or google search.

  3. Aur kitna bhar bhar ke dalo ge Xiaomi. 3.5 mm slot of earphone/headphone hi bhul gaya ? ek galti bhari par sakta hai.phir bhi usb type c adapter ke sath connect hoga sayed.still song lovers will feel uncomfortable without headphone jack slot.Baki sab dhasu specs hai.. Camera lagta hai iphone 7plus jesa he to atcha hi pic ayega.

    1. Well said. Phone looks beautiful and specs are great but lack of 3.5 mm jack is a very big letdown.

  4. they did not give 3.5 mm hole..that means you can easily understand that they are trying to sell the bluetooth earphone more..they will come with a bluetooth earphone in not far future for sure..
    & we have to buy separately..
    just like apple..
    another market strategy..
    what do you think gogi?
    usb c type earphone?

  5. Suddenly OP3T seems irrelevant, outdated and overpriced 🙂
    Only Xiaomi can pull off such thing.

    1. quality wise One plus seems better. MI4 and 5 did had heating issues and lower speed internal memory. So unless a full review comes out cannot judge

  6. Gogiji why memory always comes with 16/32/64/128/256 GB variant why it can’t be 10/20/30/40/50 GB.

    1. Binary which rules the Digital world – 0 or 1. This factor of 2 rules the memory capacity.
      It always increase in factor of power of 2 and 1 KB=1024 bytes not 1000bytes. Similar for 1MB, 1 GB…..

  7. Good phone & specs. Best part is its just 5.15 inch since I am fan of 5″ phones.
    Hope so rate wont be > 24K. If they can Mfg it locally & priced it below 21K, then it will really turned out to be big hit.

    64Gb is enough for all users except for few exceptions.

  8. Bhai mere hisaab se to apple iphone 7 or samsung s8 ka mixed juice baana diya hai

  9. pricing is bang on target. I am interested in plus varient of mi 6 with a price that just undercuts one plus 3T.

  10. COme on. Xiaomi ditched 3.5mm audio jack which is deal breaker for me. I hope One plus and Honor does not follow this stupidity.

      1. I don’t think so. They don’t even provide earphones in the box. You are expecting too much.

        1. I agree. People who think type c headphone gives same clarity as 3.5 mm jack are clearly stupid. Many of my friends are suffering after buying the leeco phones with 3.5 mm jack claiming better clarity. It simply cannot match output given by 3.5 mm jack.
          Xiaomi did a major mistake.

        2. The quality of CDLA headsets are excellent when compared to the best 3.5 mm jack. I have used the best 3.5 mm headsets from Sony, Xiaomi etc. But LE CDLA is far far better. Only thing is that you should source ear pads for their headset.

  11. Gogi sir is it runs on miui 9,because u have mentioned in your article it runs miui 9 out if the box,is it correct

  12. Oooohhh teri ki !!! 23,000 rupye me itna sb kuch !!…… gajab ..
    May be India me launch hone pr starting price Rs. 25,000 ho …
    Pr tb b … dhansu phone h

  13. I’m a big Mi Fan.
    I do n’t think Mi6 is a Flagship in todays scenario without any Curved Screen and Iris Scanner. Only latest Hardware nothing special.
    Disappointed a lot.

  14. Its not poor mans s8 even s8 is not comparable with this brand it compare with iphone it is poor mans iphone

        1. Dude who told you Exynos is of low quality. Please back up your answer with proof. Show us some proof.
          Exynos is performing better than SD counterparts for last 2 generation. Current one is also better than SD835.

  15. Gogi, do u think one should upgrade his Mi5 with Mi6 just for camera n storage? I m having Mi5 since past 7 months. Buttery smooth with Android N.

    1. Mi 6 is dual cameras so that will be great and also upgraded processor, if price is right then you can upgrade.

      1. It was OTA update..I got update notification.Try to connect your Mi5 to a good wifi connection.