Microsoft unveiled the Lumia 950 that houses the snapdragon 808 hexa core processor for $549 (approx ₹36K). Key highlight is USB Type C port with fast charging – 50% in 30 minutes, 20MP primary camera and the touch screen with quad HD resolution.

This Microsoft handset sports a 5.2 inch OLED screen supporting 2560 x 1440 (Quad HD) resolution, screen comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Protection. It is running Windows 10 Mobile with 3GB RAM, 32GB storage and there is micro SD card slot to add additional storage of up to 200GB.

As mentioned the Lumia 950 is powered by 1.8GHz snapdragon 808 hexa core processor coupled with Adreno 418 GPU. There is a 20MP camera with ZEISS Optics packed on the rear, along with OIS and triple LED flash support (to balance out brightness). Front camera is 5MP fixed focus and supports wide angle selfies. This Microsoft Lumia 950 handset can shoot 4K videos.

Hexa core powered Microsoft Lumia 950 announced

Key features are 4G, 3G, 2G, GPS, WiFi, supports Windows Continuum, Windows Hello Beta and Bluetooth. Lumia 950 comes with a 3000 mAh battery (with fast charging) that can be removed (removable battery) and the handset is using a USB TYPE C port. Microsoft Lumia 950 is priced at $549.

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  1. I think microsoft phones are far better than xiaomi phones in term of quality & feature i am sure xiaomi MI4& coming MI5 will never beat that phone because they cannot give special liquid cooling, 20 mp camera , wireless charging , 3led flash ,iris scanner , usb type c etc. only 1 feature mi4 can do better than MS950 that is portable heater. MS is a brand don’t compare it.

  2. Its funny that people cannot understand quality and features of a high end phone and keep on comparing it with lowend phone like xiaomi and all.

    This phone is priced lower than even Samsung Galaxy S6 and IPhone while having much better features.

    OLED screen, 20MP camera with Zeiss optics which has Optical image stabilization that too the best algorithm in any camera phone.

    Triple LED flash.

    It also comes with a special liquid cooling h/w to keep the phone cool. Other phones which have same chipset is going to heat up

    It also has face recognition based on iris scanner.

    Above all having this phone is like having a PC as it can be connected to a monitor along with Keyboard and mouse and work as if you are working on a desktop at the same time can use mobile for calling too.

    Does any current phone have these features?

    Compared to IPHONE priced at 75K this phone is far better

    1. Only price of xiaomi is lower, but they give top quality phones, you cant deny this fact. Apart from unnecessarily dragging xiaomi’s name, I agree with your opinion.

      1. Dont make me laugh dude.. xiaomi and quality!! LOL MI4 heats up like an oven and never was succesful like their previous model in India

        MIUI takes so much resources…… infact they are working on a WP phone. Just wait when that comes out.. you will understand what is the difference between WP and MIUI

        1. Are you even reading of what you are saying?

          Buddy it Android vs WP and not MIUI because MIUI is just a heavily modified AOSP.
          And lets wait and see how this phone performs.

          and you cannot compare the processing power of iphone 6s with this, its blazingly fast than SD 810 in terms of performance.

  3. Microsoft lol,over rated price,I will probabily buy MI 4c or just wait for few month & buy MI5 which would have SD 820

  4. Xiaomi makes similar phone (Mi4C) for less then half the price as this Nokia phone without compromising quality. Microsoft must learn from this.

    1. Can MI4c be charged 50% in 30 minutes?
      Does MI4c support wireless charging?
      Does MI4c sport a QHD screen?
      Does MI4c possess functionality like Continuum?
      Does MI4c have 20 MP camera with OIS?

      Answer is “NO”!!

      BTW, there is no Nokia, it is Microsoft Lumia.

      1. @bhanu, even if you add all those features you mentioned,xiaomi will still make a phone that is priced half of this lumia 950. if you want all the features of 950 and many more than wait for Mi5 coming soon at half the price.

        1. never is Xiaomi going to make a phone with same features as MS did. Because some of them are just not possible.

          Eg – continuum available only on WP.
          Carl Zeiss camera.. again only on WPs

          And if they put AMOLED display which very few companies produce, their cost will increase which will be transferred to customers.

    2. Why do people compare main stream companies Samsung, HTC, LG, MS with the league of Xiaomi and other Chinese companies. They are not in the same league.

      1. Why people think that xiaomi phones have cheap quality? Why they think only big brands like samsung, apple, htc make good quality premium phones? Except price point, what else separates xiaomi from the ‘league’ that you mentioned?

        1. Phone quality might not be cheap. But overall experience does not depend on outer appearance alone.

  5. Its good to see feature enriched windows OS mobiles but at this price..? I don’t think it would be hit, still android mobiles are better.