Microsoft today launched the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL smartphones in India. These handsets are running Windows 10 out of the box, comes with dual SIM support and the 950 is priced at ₹43,699 whereas the 950 XL comes for ₹49,399.

On pre-order customers will get the Display Dock HD-500 for free (worth ₹5,999) – with this Dock you can connect this phone to an external monitor and get PC like experience. Microsoft Lumia 950 comes with dual SIM slot with 4G LTE support.

Microsoft Lumia 950 handset houses the Snapdragon 808 hexa core chipset coupled with Adreno 418 GPU. Windows 10 runs the show with 3GB RAM, 32GB storage and 200GB of external SD card support. Screen is 5.2 inches with corning gorilla glass 3 protection and supporting 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution.

Microsoft Lumia 950 launched in India for ₹43,699

Weight is 150 grams with battery and thickness is 8.2mm. There is a 20MP pureview camera on the rear using f/1.9 aperture with triple flash and 4K recording capabilities. Front camera is a 5MP shooter with wide angle lens.

Key features are 4G LTE, 3G, 2G, GPS, WiFi, USB Type C 3.1 port and Bluetooth 4.1. A removable 3000 mAh battery powers up this handset and supports fast charging. This windows powered handset is priced at ₹43,699.

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL is also a dual SIM smartphone that houses the snapdragon 810 64 bit octa core processor and sports a 5.7 inch screen with Gorilla Glass 4 protection and supporting 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution.

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL launched in India for ₹49,399

Windows 10 sails with 3GB RAM, 32GB storage and 200GB external card support. This handset also comes with 20MP camera on the rear and 5MP on the front same as seen on the Lumia 950. The XL weight with battery is 165 grams and thickness is 8.1mm.

Key features are 4G, 3G, 2G, GPS, USB Type C 3.1 port, Bluetooth 4.1 and WiFi. A 3340 mAh battery powers up this handset with fast charging capabilities. Microsoft Lumia 950 XL is priced at ₹49,399.

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  1. Microsoft is going on the same path as Nokia did… Wake up Microsoft otherwise u wil b doomed as Nokia….
    One can easily buy a good gaming & high end laptop/Desktop at the price of 50k

    1. Bro the same argument is true for iphone, galaxy S6, sony xperia Z etc. All are high end phones which are for people who can afford them.
      Even cars with similar engines you will find lot of difference in pricing if its from different manufacturers!!

      1. Even people who can afford will think twice to go with this as they will b already using a high end laptop

      2. iphone, galaxy S6, sony xperia Z etc also high priced but they have so many features better than this at the price

        1. iphone – dual core with with 1 GB RAM just a normal camera… no possibility of any customizations!!! SMALL SCREEN.

          Galaxy S6 – Camera not better. Heats up a bit. poor battery life. overall build quality not good. quite easily prone to scratches on body which is easily visible to others.

          Sony xperia z – very highly prized. A good 15K more than this phone

          BTB this phone has Windows ten. Will get regular updates and security patches (no worry of stagefright like bug on Androids).

  2. Pricing is on the higher side. Mainly because they have added the price of the desktop dock and selling it.

    Finally on retail shops i guess it will be selling around 36K minus the display dock. But I still feel in a few months the price will reduce to 30K which is the ideal price for this phone.

    This phone does have a few advantages over comparable high end phone
    1 – Better camera with triple LED flash.. infact this is the best camera phone currently.
    2 – Windows 10 OS so it will run all the universal apps developed for Windows 10 desktop version
    3- SD card support (many high end phones donot have this.. i still wonder why?)
    4 – retina recognition (not finger print recognition like other phones.. this phone is one step ahead)
    5 – ability to act like desktop when paired with a monitor or tv. This technology is still at infancy stage. I believe this will mature when MS starts selling phones with intel processors along with support for Win32 apps. Its a big deal for business customers. I know many people who would die to get the convenience of such a device who would use this rather than carrying a laptop around.

    Actually to connect to a monitor this dock is not necessary. The phone supports MIRACAST and can be connected wirelessly to any TV which has this support or can use a miracast dongle which is cheaper.

    I strongly feel in another 3 years the technology this phone has will become common place and many people will be using a phone instead of PC at home /office for normal tasks connecting to a bigger monitor.

  3. Microsoft is free to price it’s phone but they have to provide more similar apps like iOS and Android to attract user. Otherwise people buy and sale MS phones within couple of months. For desktop PC they are top in application but sadly they couldn’t for their phone.

    1. almost all major apps are there. On my 820 I had around 150 apps!
      I last week even upgraded to Windows 10 which is running just fine.

      Every thing you need normally including FB, whatsapp, viber, hike messenger and tons of games are there..

      Only thing missing are some google stuff like hangout. Even third party apps for Google maps and youtube is there. I really dont miss any thing

      1. Deepu you are correct but blend collage, layer paint, moon+ reader, pdf editor like program not available. I heard in windows 10 you can run android apps? do you have any experience I am using Lumia 730.

        1. You may not find exact apps as in Android in WPs.. But there will definitely be alternatives..
          For Collage – phototastic collage
          pdf – xodo pdf editor
          ebooks – bookviser

          The ones which are not available – Google hangouts, snapchat etc. But then there are lot of alternatives available.

          MS has stopped the development of android app bridge project and thats understandable because almost all android apps are java based and bringing java apps to WPs will only cause performance troubles on WP.

          But they are still on track for the project which will port all the iphone apps to WPs.
          Infact popular game candy crush is an iphone ported app to Windows.

          1. Why do you need exact apps for every thing. Some times alternatives are better!!!

            The biggest issue with Android which i see is security and lack of updates!! Google does not have any centralized control over update process!

            I do use Androids.. but only on tablets. I have two android tables. one LG and one Lenovo. Both of them used only for gaming and entertainment purposes after making sure that no personal info is on them!

          2. OK forget about similar apps why not customize Adobe photoshop, corel paint, alternative SMS apps, notepad++, C/C++ compiler etc provided by Microsoft already they are running on desktop but for quick access mobile version also should be there. I also like Windows phone but don’t like switching between android for particular app.

          3. Photoshop mobile version is already there for WP.

            What you are asking is about desktop win32 apps to run on mobile. That too will happen soon when MS releases the Surface phone with Intel x86 chip and continuum support. This phone will release next year.
            They are also working on a bridge layer to convert IOS apps to Windows. Apps on IOS are better than Android and when that happens the app gap which every one is feeling right now will be history.

            They have also started to release ROMs for Android phones. For Xiaomi MI4 there is already one ROM out for windows TEN!!

            BTB corel paint, notepad ++ are not Microsoft applications they are from other companies.

  4. I am already using PC tablet 8″ screen, finding difficult to operate that why I think how small screen can give u PC like experience.

    1. Somewhat, connect to external monitor using special dock and you get PC like experience with phone becoming the CPU unit.

      1. WOW that sounds cool. however it will be amusing to see how snapdragon works for pc applications. If they would have used Intel & with an option to convert it to full flagged PC. It would have been awesome.

        1. It will only support few phone applications to display on monitor/TV most of those will be Microsoft apps. It is not like phone will support regular PC applications.

        2. Itne ka laptop le le bhai…phone+dock ka tension with external monitor…itne tamashe se achcha hai ki laptop use kar lo. Stick PC is the best alternative if you are looking at mobility

  5. Price is insane, u could buy OP2,mi4c with snapdragon 810,808 or even iphone 6s its price is 40k, Over priced!

  6. Wow… wt a pricing… I think with in 1sec.. all handsets will b sold like a flash… extraordinary specs for very LOWEST price…

  7. Instead to selling it lower than comparative Android phones (S6, G4, z3+), Microsoft is charging huge premium for Lumia 950!!