Microsoft has announced a new feature phone the Nokia 230 that will be available in single and dual SIM variants. It is a feature phone with  a new addition, the phone comes with a front camera of 2MP resolution with LED flash. Nokia 230 is priced at around $55 (approx ₹3500).

The Nokia 230 sails on Series 30+ OS, as mentioned this is a feature phone and the basic use is for calling, texting, music (radio) and to some extent clicking photos including selfies. This handset sports a 2.8 inch LCD screen supporting 320 x 240 pixels resolution (QVGA).

There is micro SD card slot to add external storage of up to 32GB, there is 16MB RAM. A 2MP fixed focus camera is placed on the rear with flash and a 2MP fixed focus camera on the front with LED flash. Key features are 2G, Bluetooth 3.0 with SLAM and FM radio.

Nokia 230 single and dual SIM feature phone

Weight with battery is 91 grams and thickness is 10.9mm. This handset comes with a 1200 mAh replaceable battery that gives up to 23 hours of talk time.

The Sleek and Stylish Nokia 230 and Nokia 230 dual will hit Indian stores in December. The price is around $55.

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  1. Does these phone have auto call recording? Bcoz every basic phone comes with this function?

  2. Dear Gogi,

    These products are from Microsoft or Nokia. I think Nokia is going to launch these products.

  3. Sorry can get an Android with 4.5 inch screen..full multimedia for 3300..only people suffering nostalgia will buy this.

    1. I don’t think you got it right. There are still people who just want to use the phone for calling and messaging with occasional camera clicks. All they want is a simple phone with durable body, longer battery life and clear connections. When i gifted a Lenovo A7000 to my parents. They barely liked it. But when we bought a Nokia they’re very happy since it’s all they need. So still there are people who will buy these stuffs and Nokia is a master in it.

      1. You are absolutely right. There are still many who needs these type of phone. Also, along with your smartphone for regular user, one can also have these as backup phones.

        1. I use two phones. One dumb and one smart. When it comes to just calling nothing can triumph a dumb phone. We can use it with one hand. We can use it in rain and mud without any fear of damage. And it is easier to make call when compared to smart phone. And we don’t need two hands and is much easier to carry in a belt pouch. Even if we hold it in one hand there are enough length of fingers left to hold on to something else also. And it does not take much time to charge. And once charged we don’t have to keep an eye on the percentage. For me at least when it comes to calling feature phone rules.

      2. Ratheesha, I also belong to the same school of nostalgic thought of my 1st feature phone Panasonic EB-GD 75 which served me for 12 years with 3 battery replacements. Still phone works but no battery available. Despite able to afford a Motorola G 3rd Gen, I currently use a Samsung Guru GT-E1200Y for the sheer value, small size and convenience it offers. At the end of the day keeping in touch with the world via SMS & calls is what matters & Battery life. Samsung Guru serves the same perfectly. Same with the new Nokia 230. The only good of smart phones is internet access/email on the go for mature users who don’t take selfies and never play any games. I hope feature phones never become extinct in future in favour of touch screen smart phones.

        1. I have been avid user of mobile phones since 20 years..still fondly remember the Siemens S1..purchased for 24999..with a 2 line mono display some times in 1997..followed by succession of keypad phones..which while useful.had one use only ond too..Airtel charging incoming and outgoing both at almost 5 Rupees per minute..but with smart phone advent.starting with Samsung S2.the usefulness has multiplied my present Galaxy Note 4 a constant inseparable companion. It is only question of application of age 71..i find no hinderance in use of my smart phone in staying in touch with near n dear ones in India n calls.Maps while driving..all only possible on a smart touch dumb phone can achieve all opinion..sorry Nokia i m not your prospective customer.

  4. RAM should have been 16 GB…….. Just joking. Should be priced at 2500 keeping in view market conditions and competition

  5. A very good launch.. Very helpful to use it as a secondary phone. No need to worry about phone screen breaking etc. Compact and simple with long battery life.

  6. Well there are many androids in this price range, But this is will be best for my Mom. Simple and good looking phone.