Micromax will be launching a new handset (Micromax Infinity) with a bigger / wider screen on 22nd August 2017. They have sent out invites for the event that says let’s put a number to infinity. The image of the phone on the invite itself says a lot.

No that is not the LG Q6, but yes it is something of that kind. If you look at the screen it is stretched evenly up to the top and bottom, covering more area, leaving just about enough space for other components. This design is different  when compared with other smartphones in general.

Samsung S8 / S8+ first came up with the wider screen concept, then came the LG Q6 that also comes with a wider screen, was recently launched and surprisingly comes with a very good price tag. This new yet to be launched Micromax handset details are not known.

Micromax to launch new handset soon

In fact this is not the only handset, Micromax is also planning to launch the Evok dual note. So watch out for these new launches by Micromax.

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  1. well today nearly every1 is assembling in India coz of extra import duties . & We need Duty free manufacturing ( to add value else its a joke ) + incentives to compete with china as they are Emperor of Electronics . As far as factories are concerned so called rebranders mmx too have 3-4 factories

  2. Despite of the Fact that they are rebranders of china made products, but the company is Indian. They have given tough time to multinationals in past Thanks to all Indians who supported them then, Now too at least I will buy one and will prefer it over any chinese Brand. However I always believe that Lava and Xolo were better than Micromax. But as we are not getting any good handsets from them Micromax is a good Indian Brand to go for…

    Many may ridicule my comment but think again before supporting chinese brands over Indian.

    1. Very True, I completely agree with your view shailendra,even I will support only Indian Brands despite of the fact that they are rebranders.

    2. Great! thought In my Opinion we should buy Micromax/ Lava / Xolo / Swipe / Intex / Samsung / LG / Nokia / Infocus.

      And should Avoid Xiaomi / Lenovo / Huawei / Infinix / Coolpad / Oppo / Vivo / One+

    3. Shailendra,

      Agree with your view. I also support Indian Brands. I used Micromax, LAVA, YU mobiles. All are good mobiles.

      1. Dear Prem,

        I have seen many people who will use only Indian Mobiles despite of knowing the fact that it is made in china only.

        One of my colleague is so particular about this, he says that I will pay few extra bucks for a relatively lesser features, but will buy only from Indian Brands. When I look at him, I feel ashamed of possessing a Xiaomi phone and my love for Chinese mobiles for some features that I will never use.

        But that’s enough….. now will follow his philosophy and will go for an Indian mobile only…

        1. Xiaomi is making in India, whereas some other brands are still buying / re-branding and selling in India. Xiaomi has assembly factory two of them and providing employment here in India.

          And you feel ashamed of using Xiaomi, that is generating employment in India, but you don’t feel ashamed using phones that are re-branded ones that is just being sold here in India. Everything is made in China, to get everything to be made in India, we need intelligent people, but unless we have your kind of people with stupid logic, we will get nowhere.

          1. Manjeet bhai bilkul sahi logic hai. Mera khayal stupid hi sahi. Thoda alag jha raha hoon maaf karna par… na Jane kyon log Soniya ji ko PM nahi banane dete while above said condition fits there as well.
            Pra jad gal dil di hondi a taan dimag kaam gat karda aa.

    4. Micromax- main office in Haryana, no of employees in India = 700
      Xiaomi- main hub operated by Foxconn in Andhra, no of employees involved in assembling = 5000+

      1. hahah yeh konsa logic hai ? office ke employee vs factory . & btw assembly hath se hoti hai jo kya 5k employed hai ? kuch bhi

        1. True Dear, Even if Foxconn has 5000 employees but they will be shared with so many companies which are getting the jobwork done at their facility, even MMX can hire them to get the Jobwork done.

  3. It will be a clone/rebranded Leagoo KIICAA S8. Shame on Micromax. It is destined to fail.

  4. Might be this one will be the most unique/powerful phone of the planet/century as suggested by the history of micromax.

  5. I think it will be Ulefone F2 rebranded. It has sane 5.7inch FHD 18:9 ratio.

    Or another one is UMIDIGI s2 pro.

  6. One of its rag picking teams must have b(r)ought some sort of smartphones which were lying in Shenzhen’s various dumping yards ?

  7. Probably Goophone S8 rebranded by Micromax. It seems MMX don’t have their own R&D and they just put their logo on crappy Chinese phones and sell them in India at a higher price.

    1. Wrong.. Mmx must be having a big “re-search” team to look out for less known brands in china that can be rebranded here.

    2. so s8 comes after lg g6, that mean samsung copy the concept from lg, even ur comment is copy of someone bcoz i have seen this comment many times. …

      1. Samsung didn’t put their logo on LG G6 and sold it as their own device. I doubt if you have ever known the name of ‘Goophone S8’, and now you are talking nonsense.

        1. changing body does not make a mobile different, samsung even copy their design, you better know if some functions are first developed by one company and used by all, and now u r talking non sense..

        2. if u dont know, goophone s8 has edge to edge glass not display… there are bigger bezzles up an down…