Xiaomi celebrates 5 Million Redmi Note 4 sales, creates world’s largest grain mosaic

Xiaomi today announced that they have so far sold about 5 million Redmi Note 4 in about 6 months of it’s launch. This handset has broken all records and has become the highest shipped smartphone in 2017 (Q1). To mark this achievement, the company created largest grain mosaic art.

Xiaomi celebrated their 5 Million Redmi Note 4 sales by creating the World’s largest grain Mosaic art at Thyagraj Stadium, New Delhi spread across and area of 6000 square feet. About 40,000 kilograms of food grain was used – this included rice, pulses etc.

This 40,000 kg of grains that was used to create the Mosaic will be given back to the society, Xiaomi will donate this to Robin Hood Army, an NGO that will feed 1 million people across India and Pakistan during Independence day.

Over 500 people created this Mosaic.

Xiaomi celebrates 5 Million Redmi Note 4 sales, creates world's largest grain mosaic


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