Redmi Note 4 Black review – Same Note 4 in Black

Here is another review of Redmi Note 4 Black, it is the same Redmi Note 4 that I already reviewed. This one that I bought from is made in India and the one I used for earlier review (review unit) was made in China.

As far as the performance is concerned you can check the Redmi Note 4 review. This handset is also using same hardware, same everything,  hence output will be same – refer to older review for verdict. However I did cross check the camera performance on  both Made in China Redmi Note 4 and the Made in India Redmi Note 4.

As far as the quality is concerned it is the same, just the Black color looks quite attractive. However it also attracts a lot of dust particles and also leaves finger print impression on the back, and that is also quite easily visible. This is the only disadvantage, it does looks odd. You can clean the black finger print spots on the back, but they will come back the next time you hold the handset.

Redmi Note 4 Black Review

Camera Performance

I got an update on both China / India made handsets. So when testing the camera performance both these handsets were running MIUI (stable version). Guess what when I did the Redmi Note 4 review, the first time, camera performance was bad, I gave average rating. Then I got another update that improved the camera performance to a much greater extent – I upgraded the rating to above average.

And now this new update has bought the camera performance to same average level.

Check the Redmi Note 4 review here and specially look at the sample images before and after update – both samples are listed.

And now check the sample from the new Black handset in fact even the Gold handsets camera performance was the same  no difference. There is no difference in hardware for Made in India / Made in China Redmi Note 4 that is available in India.

Samples shot with Redmi Note 4 Black

Redmi Note 4 Black camera sample 6 HHT Redmi Note 4 Black camera sample 5 HDR Redmi Note 4 Black camera sample 4 HHT Redmi Note 4 Black camera sample 3 HDR Redmi Note 4 Black camera sample 2 HDR Redmi Note 4 Black camera sample 1

Download Original Image files (right click and save) (do not use it for commercial purpose, without permission of

As you can see the camera quality has degraded. The camera is good but a OS update either makes the camera performance average or above average. Well the latest one has made it average again. Average camera means pictures taken looks good on smartphone but when you try to zoom in or try to watch it on PC the quality is not that great.


Still the Redmi Note 4 is a very good buy for the price. Handset heats up less and battery life is awesome. Black looks great but leaves finger print impressions.

A very good buy the Redmi Note 4, price starts from Rs. 9,999.


Am giving away this Redmi Note 4 Black for free to one lucky winner. You can take part in the Giveaway and get a chance to win the RN4 (Black). Giveaway link is mentioned in YouTube video below.


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