Along with the Mi Mix 2 the company also launched the Mi USB Type C Noise cancelling earphone and its price in India is Rs. 2,999. This earphone draws power from the phone via the Type C Port, also note the Mi Mix 2 does not come with a 3.5mm audio jack.

The Mi Mix 2 box pack does come with a USB Type  C to audio adapter, so you can still use your older earphone / headphones. But in case if you want you can buy the Mi Noise cancelling earphone for USB Type C port. This earphone comes with a USB Type C plug type with 1.25m cable length.

Frequency response is 20 to 40KHz, impedance 32ohms, sensitivity 112dB. This in ear Mi Noise cancellation earphone can be used for making and receiving calls, song switching, voice control and also comes with Noise cancelling (50 to 2000Hz wide frequency active noise cancellation).

Xiaomi Mi USB Type C Noise Cancelling earphones

This Type C version Mi earphones is made of titanium plating metal case and there is a in-line controller too. Xiaomi Mi Noise cancelling USB Type C earphones will go on sale in India for Rs. 2,999 this month on along with Mi Mix 2.