Reliance Jio had launched MRP 509 2 months unlimited plan on 2nd recharge and just now I got a message that Jio is giving me complimentary 1 month for the Rs. 499 recharge that I did a long time back.

Since the Rs. 499 was incidentally my second re-charge the company is extending addition 1 month. I did couple of pre-recharges a long time back cause at that time there was some extra data offer. Since Jio started their new plan MRP 509 that offers 2 months unlimited usage on 2nd recharge they are now passing this those who already re-charged before.

You will need to use the Jio App, check the voucher section, there you will find the complimentary 1 month depending on the 2nd recharge you did, the price will be Rs. 0 and there will be a recharge option to enable that.

Reliance Jio giving complimentary 1 month for those who already made 2nd recharge


Do note that the complimentary benefit will get activated immediately once you redeem, so better wait for the current plan that might be running to expire / get closer to expiry date and then enable this complimentary pack.

So in case if you had already recharged before and got the SMS from Jio with a complementary 1 month extension do let us know. I guess all users who initially re-charged 2 or more times will get this offer.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -