If you  are using Reliance Jio SIM just start the Jio App there you will find a new option called ‘My Vouchers’. The Reliance Jio My Vouchers gives you exciting options that you can buy now and use later or when you want.

Jio My Vouchers

For now there are just two options but maybe later on more options will be added. You can buy 309 plan or 509 plans. If you had not yet subscribed you will get Dhan Dhana Dhan Benefit which means that the first 309 recharge will give you 84GB data for 84 days and 509 plan will give you 168GB data for 84 days.

If you had already recharged before you will get 28GB for 28 days with 309 voucher and 56GB for 28 days with 509 voucher. The best thing is that once you buy the voucher it will not activate automatically, in fact you can use it when you want.

jio my vouchers

Not only that say you can buy 309 plans in bulk and then use it when you want, or there is also option to transfer the plan to anyone you want.

So if you are Jio customer just run the my Jio app and check the My Vouchers options.

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