Micromax Canvas 4 review – A210, still costly!

Micromax Canvas 4 or Micromax A210 supports dual SIM, runs on Android 4.2 with 1GB RAM and 16GB storage. It is powered by MT6589 quad core processor clocked at 1.2GHz with PowerVR SGX 544 GPU. The handset is way over priced – anywhere from Rs. 17,500 to Rs. 19,500.

Canvas 4 box pack
A210 comes within a unique box pack. The handset is clearly visible and looks more appealing as long as it’s inside the box. The box pack contains, the Micromax Canvas 4 handset, weird flip cover, user manual, earphone, data cable and power adapter.

Design and first Impression
Users were expecting a lot from the Micromax Canvas 4 but the price and features came as a big disappointment. The A210 comes with same hardware that powered the Micromax A116. I have used the Micromax Canvas HD or A116 and I was not at all impressed considering the price tag. The grey color model probably would have looked even better.

Micromax Canvas 4 (A210) box pack

The dual SIM white (silver texture) colored handset looks good, with good built quality and finishing, however having used the A116 I really did not find it appealing for its price. I would still vote for the Micromax A116. I believe it should have been priced at Rs. 1000 – 1500 extra as compared with A116 more that that it’s really not worth it. Those who have not used the A116 or have not felt the A116 will be impressed with A210.

The flip cover is weird, check the image below it is transparent and also works without (i.e. with the cover closed – you can view the content without flipping). Many users had complained that the flip cover was damaging the screen (causing scratches), I now know why. Generally the inner part of the flip cover that comes in contact with the screen is made of smooth soft material, however in this case it’s not so.

Micromax canvas 4 flip cover

The volume rockers are placed on the left, power button on right, micro USB at the bottom and 3.5mm audio jack on the top. The handset comes with proximity, light and G-sensors. There is LED notification.

Display, Memory and OS
The screen is 5 inches supporting HD resolution (1280×720 pixels) with corning gorilla glass protection. The color reproduction is good but felt it similar to as seen on MMX A116. Touch is smooth and responsive.

RAM is 1GB and of the 16GB storage 2.2 GB is free – assigned for apps and 10GB as internal storage. There is Micro SD card support too. I tried connecting pen drive using OTG cable and that worked. OTG is supported on Canvas 4. This handset runs on Android 4.2 OS.

Micromax A210 battery

I could not get the Wi-Fi working on this handset, I could connect to my Wi-Fi network but – no activity. I tried factory rest and Wi-Fi did work for some time and then failed. The Wi-Fi signal looked very weak. I guess it’s some issue with the software or hardware.

Anyway since this handset houses the same MT6589 chipset with PowerVR SGX 544 GPU as on A116 It can do everything that we have seen on the A116. You can refer to Micromax A116 review for performance and Benchmark. With no Wi-Fi option I could not download apps and check the benchmarks. All that the Canvas 4 has is some gesture features, 16GB storage and a new design. Not to forget 13MP camera plus 5 MP front camera. You will hardly find any difference in the camera quality when comparing Micromax Canvas 4 with Micromax Canvas A116. Other features are 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth.

Micromax A210 13mp camera

You can record and play full HD videos. Sound is loud and clear. The battery is of 2000 mAh capacity I guess should easily last for over a day with moderate usage.

Those who already own the Micromax Canvas 4, have you noticed any scratches, dents on the body, cause I felt the body is not that strong.

Micromax Canvas 4 verdict
It’s the same MediaTek MT6589 quad core in a new body. Most of you and all those who have used Micromax A116 or MMX A90, will agree that Canvas 4 is still overpriced. The (weird) flip cover is another disaster. Canvas 4 has a good look and if the price were close to the A116 it would have done well. This handset is selling for anywhere between Rs. 17,500 to Rs. 19,500.

Micromax Canvas 4 A210 image gallery

Sample images shot using canvas 4

Full HD video recorded using Micromax A210

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