Micromax Canvas 4 failed to impress. Many consumers cancelled their order, unfortunately it seems not every one of those who cancelled have received the refund. Well this doesn’t just end here; those who pre-booked and even paid the balance amount are still waiting for the delivery.

As per the Gizmodo.in site there are many consumers who have not yet got the refund and there are those who ordered the handset, paid the balance amount and are still waiting for it. The consumers are angry and what’s more the Canvas 4 is available in local stores and they, who pre-booked before its launch are still in the queue.

One such consumer complained that he paid full amount, and waiting for months whereas his friend now shows off his new MMX canvas 4 that he just got from a local store. Another article from Gizmodo points out to something really bad happened. Micromax un-intentionally had revealed order details that included the billing address, customer details, login and password of customers who pre-booked.

It seems this goof up happened only with customers who paid the balance amount. They got a confirmation email of Rs. 13,000 (5000 was already paid) along with the details of other 130 customers.

Micromax canvas 4 the wait can be endless

I had initially booked and cancelled my order when the specs were revealed. I have got the refund and so have many others. Those who have not yet got the refund or still waiting for the product should get in touch with the MMX support ASAP. Check the MMX facebook page.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in