Micromax A116 at Rs. 16000 is it still worth it?

Micromax A116 or the Micromax Canvas HD initially was priced at Rs. 13,999 and soon went out of stock. Micromax increased the price to Rs. 14,500 and still went out of stock. And now the same handset is priced at Rs. 15,999 on Flipkart and again went out of stock.

Is the MMX A116 for Rs. 16K really worth the price?
There are many reasons for the price rise. The Excise duty (budget after effect), the Ericsson case and I believe the demand hype (high demand low manufacturing output) has had an impact on the price. Micromax I think felt it better to increase the price to Rs. 16,000. This will not only reduce the demand (a hike of 2K is way too much for many consumers) but also increase the profit margin.

I think the price is too much, I got the Micromax A116 for Rs. 13,999 that was the best price, even Rs. 14,499 is affordable, but 16K, no way. The Wammy Titan II becomes the best 5 inch quad core option, i.e if you are comfortable with the WickedLeak brand or the Zopo 910 which is the same but not yet available. If it’s your budget that is stopping you or you need a smaller screen the Xolo Q800 is the next / cheapest quad core option. Gionee Dream D1 is another good option to look for if you can spend over 15K.

Have your Say – about the MMX A116 price rise!

MMX A116 for Rs. 16,000 on flipkart


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