Wammy Titan 2 Android 4.2 update announced

Just like the Wammy Passion, the Wammy Titan 2, too will get the Jelly bean 4.2 update. Wickedleak will provide the update to existing Titan 2 users from 12th April 2013. All new handsets shipped henceforth, will by default, come loaded with the 4.2 OS.

Wickedleak had announced that some of their high end smartphones will get the latest Jelly bean update. They recently rolled out the update for Wammy passion and now for the Titan 2. The Wammy Titan 2 competes with the Micromax A116 and now with the 4.2 OS it has an edge over it.

I have received the Wammy Passion handset review unit with the Android 4.2 update. There are some new exciting features in 4.2 version. I still have to check the benchmark scores etc, the review will be up soon.

The 4.2 OS will be faster and smoother with improved Google now. There is the Swipe / Gesture typing mode, improved camera features, enable wireless display option and many more.

The Titan 2 comes powered by quad core processor with 1GB RAM and 8MP camera. Read the Wammy Titan 2 review.

Wammy Titan 2 Android 4.2


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