Xiaomi had recently launched the Mi Capsule Earphone in India for Rs. 999. This earphone is light weight and fits well. Is it worth the price, read this Capsule Earphone review to know more.

Capsule Earphone Unboxing

Inside the box : Earphone, User manual and Card that shows how to attach the earphone in your ear.


The earphone design is unique, minimalistic and light weight. This earphone is also known as ‘Mi Piston Air‘, it is called the capsule because it looks like one. Mi Capsule earphone is curved at 45 degree angle for comfort.

The ear buds are made of hypoallergenic silicon material and even the other end has a soft material. The earphone is different and there is a different procedure to wear it. The curved end will go into the ear hole and the other end will rest outside.

Xiaomi Mi Capsule earphone design 45 degree curve

I found it comfortable to wear and it also blocked the ear thereby blocking background noise to some extent. Now this earphone fit may vary from person to person, some may feel it comfortable, others may not.

Xiaomi Mi Capsule earphone design

Earphone wire is wrapped in Kevlar fibers that helps reduce tangles and enhances durability.

Xiaomi Mi Capsule earphone review

This design actually helps the earphone stay intact in your ear. If you love to enjoy your favorite music while walking or jogging, and often find that your earphone falls out from your ear, the Mi Capsule would be a better option in such a situation.

This earphone also comes with 3 button controller with mic. You can use this to control the volume, receive / cancel call and control media player.

Mi Capsule Earphone features and Specifications

This in-ear earphone weighs about 14 grams. Cable length is 1.25m, comes with 3.5mm gold plated jack. Speaker Impedance 32 Ω and using 7mm dynamic drive for powerful bass output.

Capsule Earphone Performance

Bass and Treble output was good. I compared this earphone with the Mi Basic, LeEco In-Ear Headphones and the Mi  in-ear Headphones Pro. This Capsule earphone is slightly better than the Mi Basic earphone but not as good as the LeEco and the Mi Headphones Pro.

Xiaomi Mi Capsule earphone in use


The Mi Capsule is a good earphone but not the best, Mi Headphones pro is a better option though that will cost you around Rs. 1800. If you have limited budget you can buy the Mi Capsule earphone.

Rating 3.5 out of 5.

Mi Capsule earphone is available on Mi.com website and you can also buy this from Banggood.com for about the same price, you don’t need to pay custom duty (if you buy from international stores).

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in