Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphone review – excellent audio

The Xiaomi Mi In-Ear headphone is a premium headphone that comes with a decent price tag of ₹999. This in-ear headphone is optimized for bass and mid-range performance and its using break resistant Kevlar fiver cable.

The box packing in itself gives you a pretty much premium feel. The headphone is packed inside a small case covered by a cardboard. There is no user / quick start manual in fact the cardboard has all the details that you will need. The headphone is nicely packed with cable winder for convenient storage and at the bottom of the case you will find extar pairs of earbuds in XS, S and L sizes.

The first look itself is quite satisfying. The brushed aluminum metal on the rear of headphone give a very premium and unique look. The metal is anodized so as to protect it from corrosion. The earbuds are angled at 120 degrees for comfort fit and the earpiece is angled at 70 degrees to prevent it from slipping.

Mi in-ear headphone unboxing

The headphone is using Kevlar fiber cable that is break resistant and durable and its covered with braided sleeving that prevents tangling. The earpiece fits perfectly well and is very comfortable.

There are 3 buttons on the controller – volume rocker (+/ -) and action button. This controller also comes with built in Knowles microphone-. The buttons can be used to answer / reject calls and control the media player.

Mi in-ear headphone review

First of all I tried the earphone on several smartphones that I had and it worked on all. The next thing I tried was playing the same audio file on different headphones. I used a low quality headphone, good quality, premium quality and this Mi In-ear headphone.

Mi in-ear headphone ear plugs

The best output I experienced was from Jabra Move and the Mi headphone and among them the Mi was much better, the difference was easily noticeable. Excellent Bass effects and treble response.

Mi in-ear headphone packing

If you are looking for a premium headphone this is a very good option for ₹999. You can get headphones for under ₹500 but in case you get a chance to experience the Mi In-Ear headphone you will know the difference.

Xiaomi Mi In-Ear headphone is available for ₹999.

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