The premium Mi Headphones with a massive 50mm diaphragm is now available on for ₹ 5,499 and the in-ear Mi headphone with sound optimized technology (Patented) for ₹ 999. These headphones are listed and can be bought from website.

Premium Mi Headphone weighs about 220 grams and comes with stunning aluminum grilles with gold finish. The leather (Black colour) band comes with distinct red stitching. Ear cushions are very comfortable.

This headphone offers high fidelity and low distortion. Made especially for mobiles with ultra low impedance (32 ohms). It comes with built-in microphone (Knowles MEMS) with controller. The headphone supports 3D sound and concert hall experience thanks to dual damping system.

The 50mm diaphragm that produces quality sound is harder than steel and lighter than titanium alloy. Mi Headphone for true sound experience is now available for ₹5,499.

Mi premium headphone for ₹5,499

Mi in-ear headphone for ₹999

The Mi In-Ear headphones is using patented sound optimizing technology and using aerospace grade metal diaphragm. It is available for ₹999.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -