MediaTek True Octa-Core coming soon in Q4 2013

MediaTek will soon launch what it calls the first Octa Core chipset for smart devices. MediaTek claims that unlike current Octa Core chipsets that utilize only half of the core, the True Octa-Core will be able to use all of the eight cores simultaneously.

With True Octa Core SoC, users will be able to play heavy games, browse websites, watch premium quality videos and do more. There will be noticeable improvement in terms of multi-tasking. The Octa core (8 core) will also allocate power intelligently as needed as per the task or app requirement, this in turn will improve the battery performance.

MediaTek Octa Core will provide stable browsing experience and smoother user interface. 3D rendering will be much smoother. The chipset also provides superior gaming experience with enhanced FPS and low latency. Users will be able to play videos for a longer time as decoding will consumes less battery juice (18% reduction in battery usage as compared to quad core).

MediaTek True Octa Core

Probably it could be the same Mediatek MT6592, though not confirmed yet. For more check out the MediaTek website.


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