Mediatek MT6592 (octa core) 8-core coming soon

There were rumors about MediaTek working on octa core chipset and now the word is out. MediaTek MT6592 Octa core (8-core) was unveiled by Taiwan media, today. Hold your breath, there is still time for it, according to source the mass production will initiate by November 2013.

The MediaTek MTK MT6592 (28nm) built on ARM A7 architecture can be clocked from 1.7 to 2.0 GHz. This chipset is with pure 8 core processor and compatible with next gen Android 5.0. This chipset will support full HD recording and playback.

Along with the MT6592 octa core another chipset i.e. MT6588 quad core will also be launched soon. The MT6588 is upgraded MT6589, it is more powerful clocked at 1.7GHz.

The report also confirms that the new products namely the octa core MT6592 and the new powerful quad core MT6588 are still in the development phase and has not reached the production stage yet. MediaTek is also gearing up to come up with the MT6290 with 4G support. Broadcom had recently announced BCM23550 chipset.

Mediatek MT6592 octa core



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