There were rumors about MediaTek working on octa core chipset and now the word is out. MediaTek MT6592 Octa core (8-core) was unveiled by Taiwan media, today. Hold your breath, there is still time for it, according to source the mass production will initiate by November 2013.

The MediaTek MTK MT6592 (28nm) built on ARM A7 architecture can be clocked from 1.7 to 2.0 GHz. This chipset is with pure 8 core processor and compatible with next gen Android 5.0. This chipset will support full HD recording and playback.

Along with the MT6592 octa core another chipset i.e. MT6588 quad core will also be launched soon. The MT6588 is upgraded MT6589, it is more powerful clocked at 1.7GHz.

The report also confirms that the new products namely the octa core MT6592 and the new powerful quad core MT6588 are still in the development phase and has not reached the production stage yet. MediaTek is also gearing up to come up with the MT6290 with 4G support. Broadcom had recently announced BCM23550 chipset.

Mediatek MT6592 octa core


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  1. gogi does this mean that all the 8 cores will run together simultaneously, but in case of the galaxy s4, the octa core is a combination of a a15 and a9 processor, but if the mediatek processor be a a7 one, is this more powerful, what are your say gogi.

  2. Gogi, what difference it will make my adding more and more core processor ( i dont think all are in use 100% all the time). I have never seen samsung galaxy s3 lagging or hanging, what difference it will make with octa core in galaxy s4.
    Also i have noticed that whenever samsung release something new mediatek follows it. for eg. when samsung released dual core mediatek followed, same with quad core and now octa core.

  3. Gogi Sir,

    Please suggest me a phone under 15k to buy. I have finalised Passion Z and now I’m thinking to see Canvas 4. par im not sure of canvas ka specs sir. you know anything?

  4. Gogi bhai plz suggest which microSD card runs fast on smarphones…if smartphone supports 32 gb, should we really go for 32 gb or less, as 32 gb may slow down our phone…mine is xolo q800

    1. The size doesn’t matter actually.. It’s the Class. I think You can go for 16/32 GB class 6 which should be fine for xolo q800. If you want more speed then go for class 10. Ebay has good deals on this, just do a seach. All de best!

  5. Gogi bhai, daily i check this site for new updates…great work done by u…as you know new smartphones are supporting upto 32 gb microSD card…but my friends were saying that i should go for 16 gb as 32 gb card will slow down my xolo q800… and which microSD will run fast on my xolo q800 MT6589…ur suggestion

  6. yes octacore will just be for chip enthusiastics, we have seen in PC industry the same progress, dual core, octa, i3, i7 etc. but most of ppl who were using dual core didnt go for i3 or i7…same will be applied to Indian phones…

  7. hey
    which is the best single sim mobile under 15 K . having updated OS and promised firmware updates for 2-3 years.

    i am currently using micromax A60 form last 3 years and it sucks because of no soft updates. 2.2 update is also community driven and buggy.

  8. Gogi, we can expect the cheap Octa Core phones come into the market somewhere by next year. At that time, don’t know what the price will be. Even if you consider it at below 20k, I don’t think that it will be selling like hot cakes. Simply because most of the people will not be able to afford it as they are not much of concerned about heavy gaming or multitasking.

    For example, see I presently use Gionee Elife E3 with 1.2 GHz Quad Core & 1 GB RAM. Before this, I was using Canvas 2 with 1 GHz Dual Core & 512 MB RAM. Frankly speaking, I don’t find much of a difference in general performance of these two. Let me clear that I am not a heavy gamer. Also let me tell you that E3 is really a good phone. But sometimes I wonder that by spending 4k more, what I really got additional is just a better screen & camera quality.

    Also, I have booked the C4 but I will go for it only if it’s final price comes to below 15k bracket. If it’s priced above that, I won’t go for it even if it will come with 1.5 GHz & 2 GB RAM. Simply because I don’t want to spend my money on unwanted Hardware. Instead I will go for any other option with less Hardware (like Quad Core with even 1 GB RAM) but better screen & camera quality (like FHD & 13 MP)

    So, I think mobiles with FHD screen, good 13 MP Camera, Quad core with 1 GB RAM at a price of 12-13k may be selling well rather than the Octa core with 2 or even 3 GB RAM.

    Let’s see……..

    1. Deepak, yes for general use you will not find much of a difference. Not all of the cores run all the time. It depends on the load. If you are playing a game you will notice the difference.

      1. Plus this octa cores will consume battery like order to maintain slimness of device 2500-2600 mah battery will be the battery of so called octa cores will last like laptops 4-5 hours.I don’t see any break through coming in battery technology. Last we should not forget that mobile is just a mobile not a full fledged laptop.

        1. It depends on the usage. You see not all of the cores will be used 100% of the time.

          1. Deepak,can u please share some details about your gionee e3.I mean its quality, performance, price, service, updates, otg etc.

    2. Most of the general tasks use single get a snappier experience with processor having high single core performance, that’s why sometimes u find single core phones are more snappier than mutli core. Single core performance of Cortex A15> A9 > A8 >A7 >A5 . quad core A5 launched by Qualcomm is simply useless.

  9. Hi gogi,

    can you pls tell me if any indian cellphone manufacturer have dual core mobile with 1 gb ram.

    thank you


  10. priced at my local store for 7800 and flipkart rs 8010 nt bad pricing mght gt it for 7k soon

  11. In general more core results in better performance but not always necessary. Come on Man, with one hand/5 fingers, how many instructions/processes/threads you can give to your phone simultaneously, to make it use all 8 processors.

  12. @iconic Not a joke. Several sites have reported about this news on WSJ. You can read it here. When Gogi said “This chipset is with pure 8 core processor and compatible with next gen Android 5.0.” It sounded to me like android 5.0 won’t be combatible with other low end hardware configurations currently available in the market when it’s repoted that it’ll be EVEN combatible with phones with 256MB RAM, <1Ghz processor etc 🙂

    1. it will not be compatible with 256 MB ram it will need at least 512 MB ram also 1 GHz single core processor would be enough to run it

  13. Well! Lg has ready for next big think! F-320 popped up on an Antutu Benchmark with higher score than Galaxy S4 powered by the same chipset – clock speed of the chipset was 2.3GHz which is the highest, who knows its Nexus 5

    1. Its the LG Optimus G2. Probably something else instead of the ‘Optimus’ name! It comes with the Snapdragon 800 processors! At least, that’s the news! 🙂

  14. Gogi sir thanks for the information, I think time has come for all INDIAN companies like micromax and karbonn to takeover the market, this will change the mobile market on its head,get ready for next generation technology in android phones and live a life like a king size.

  15. Hi Gogi,

    I am worried now. Processors of mobile phones are being outdated from Mhz to Ghz then Single core to Dual core to quad core and now Octa-core. Displays of Mobile phones are graduated to Full HD Now. RAM of Mobile phone reached upto 2GB. I am worried about Battery Life with 3G/4G, other hardwares Anyone addressing these issues will succeed.

    1. Nice observation.. The batteries should also be invented for more power optimization, less heat production, quick recharge.

      1. Well, the MediaTek MT6589 is power efficient and produces less heat compared to any other SoC’s. Quick charge is supported by the Snapdragon processors recently! Its up to the companies to provide different charger which supports Quick Charge! The S800 can be charged 75% faster with a Quick Charge charger! 🙂

        1. Battery Manufacturer gives curves for charging the batteries with respect to capacity and life cycle. If you provide charging current higher than C/10 i.e. in quick recharge battery will generate heat. This will reduce the life of battery itself.

  16. Gogi sir u have not mention about mediatek 6580 & 6582 chipset.It is also expected to launch soon.

  17. I have changed my mind now ,why waste money on quad core when octa core is there…..hope it comes in the market in less than a month………..:D

    1. Mediatek is saying that mass production will start in November for octa core processors. So handsets will come in Dec and after. And pricing will be too much initially for octa core handsets which will saturate by Feb/March. Wait if you are ready to wait for that long.

      1. Tab tak to hd quad core phones 5k main milne lag jayen ge……what do you think gogi sir….:D

    2. be mass produced in november…
      good handsets able to use it without glitches will come by march..
      in India wil be launcehd by sept-oct by then some new tech will come.. so buddy no point will keep getting updated every moment,go for wht you need..NOW

      1. Very true abhishek, the best handset will come into the market when you buy one.

  18. It is to compete with exynos octa right? If they use ARM’s BIG.little project then it’ll be same as S4 coupled with an SGX544 MP2 or MP3 gpu. The price would be much less than S4 and note III i hope so. They’ll be also competing with qualcomm’s S4 pro and Tegra 4. The use of cortex A15 is a must.

  19. Mediatek is too fast in devepment.They invented 8 core chips before known players like qualcom,broadcom,nvidia,intel.

  20. Now the full blown war will bigin as all chines handset makers will be armed with cheap 8 core chipset that can fight neck to neck with flagship products like galaxy S4 & htc one.

  21. Now the show is really heating up..wont b buying any mobile with mediatek chip till 2nd quarter, 2014.till then wil b happy with my Grand..

  22. i dont think it will octacore it will be two 4core processor Samsung Exynos 5410.advantage is multi core GPU which is not present in MP6589.

  23. By the way, I heard Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is tailored to work on even low specs phones. i.e phones like Galaxy Y. Is that true ?

    1. Key lime pie is said to be optimized for the devices with minimum 512 Mb ram…its will use low ram compared to jelly bean and other lower version of android….!It will run smooth on 512 Mb ram compared to JB… ! Some articles are mentioning that it will be very power will give almost 3 times of battery life compared to its previous versions…!I hope that it will come out to be true..!

        1. Ya Canvas 8. May be they will start its pre-booking next month, specs released in Nov and then provide the sets in Dec 😉

          1. Exactly Abhishek..!
            Pre booking will start with just 10,000 advance.
            It will unlock with our breath or heart beat. Game never over..

          2. By the time, we will have Google nexus 14 in India Play store, so don’t worry about MMX:-)