Broadcom BCM23550 quad core processor with NFC and indoor GPS announced

Broadcom will soon roll out a quad core HSPA+ BCM23550 processor (ARM Cortex A7) with NFC, 5G Wi-Fi and GPS that will work indoor too. This chipset will be clocked at 1.2GHz with integrated HSPA+ and videoCore multimedia. 

This chipset is loaded with enhanced features, is power efficient and cost effective. The new entry to mid level handsets could probably come loaded with this chipset pretty soon. Feature wise the Broadcom BCM23550 processor has already beaten the MediaTek MT6589 and MT6589T processor and we hope it is as affordable as the MediaTek chipsets.

Broadcom BCM23550 chipset key highlights

  • Quad core clocked at 1.2GHz with ARM NEON Technology.
  • HSPA+ integrated (21Mbps).
  • 5G Wi-Fi – the next generation Wi-Fi that is 3 times faster and 6 times more power efficient.
  • Dual HD support – Simultaneously out the content on both handset and on a larger screen (TV).
  • VideoCore IV GPU for enhanced gaming, 3D and for other graphic rich apps.
  • Can record full HD videos with 30 fps (H.264 format).
  • Dual MIC for noise cancellation with HD voice support.
  • NFC support.
  • Low power consumption with 3G/2G dual SIM support.
  • GPS with GLONASS and also makes use of Cell ID for better indoor location.

This BCM23550 chipset is in the production phase and will be rolled out probably in the 3rd quarter of 2013.

Source: Broadcom Press Release.

Broadcomm BCM23550

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  1. Nilotpal says

    Hello Gogi sir, I want to know which is better broadcom bcm23550 or mediatek mt6582?

  2. Wasim says

    Hello Gogi sir,what do you think which one is powerful Broadcom or Snapdragon or Mediatek?

  3. sayan says

    gogi in the specs section you have written gpu for 3g graphics I personallly believe that it must be 3d hope you correct it.

  4. ANiLKeraLa says

    Hello Gogi, 5G is a confusing term here. I belive it has nothing to do with 3G or 4G that’re still not available though out India. Even 4G handsets are not available here. Is 5G related to WiFi ? Can you please clarify about this 5G ?

    • DennyG says

      well when someone says 5G and 2G in wifi they mean to say abt its frequency of 5GHz and 2.4GHz. This has Nothing to do with throughput rate or anything except that chip or device has one more wifi interface.

  5. kishkish2312 says

    can u campare the effeciency of these processors in hours of battery use wrt mediatech quardcores…

  6. Sachin says

    Now mediatek needs to either lower the price of their MT6589 chipset or a bring new chipset that would beat broadcom chipset. Hope new brodcom gets the same pricing as mediateck.

  7. miihirr says

    GOGI I m waiting for nokia asha 501 do u have ny idea at all abt its launch in india

  8. Saif Solkar says

    hey gogi can we see this kind of chips coming in future mobiles of micromax or karbonn (I mean budget) devices