Lava Mobiles to launch premium handset with gesture control

Lava Mobiles a fastest growing Mobile Company in India will soon launch a premium handset that will understand signs. A touch phone what they call as completely ‘handsfree’. This handset will be launched under the Iris Series.

The model name and the specifications are not yet disclosed. What we know is that the handset will make use of the built in camera and will understand gesture / signs to interact with users. Probably it might be similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4’s Air Gesture / Smart stay feature.

This handset will sail on the Android OS and will be the slimmest in the Lava Iris family. It will be powered by a super fast processor (probably quad core, would be great if it houses the MT6589T processor) with crystal clear OGS screen and with intelligent flip cover.

Well these are some of the few exciting feature that has been unveiled for now. They are going to reveal the details slowing, creating more interest and excitement. This unknown Lava Iris model will be launched in 3rd week of June, so stay tuned for more.  You can also follow Lava Mobiles on Facebook.

Lava premium handset coming soon


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