Ubuntu Edge smartphone where next generation hardware meets innovative software. Ubuntu Edge is an upcoming (concept) smartphone that may be powered by next generation hardware with a unique dual boot operating system. This handset will be capable of running the Ubuntu Phone OS as well as the most popular Android OS.

When it comes to Linux OS, Ubuntu is a well known brand. As for now Ubuntu is building up funds for this prestigious project called the Ubuntu Edge. They are going to take the smartphones to the next level. The Ubuntu phones will also have the ability to transform into a full fledged Ubuntu PC when connected to desktop. The Desktop OS will come integrated.

Some / most of the specs are not yet confirmed, in fact there could be changes. The phone screen will be 4.5 inches with HD resolution. Screen with be with a tougher glass made of pure sapphire crystal, that will be very strong – you can scratch it only if you use a diamond.

Since Ubuntu will be incorporating the desktop functionality (i.e. the handset will be able to run a full desktop OS) it needs a powerful hardware (Multi core). As for the RAM it should be at least 4GB and 128GB storage. 4G will be supported and the camera will be of 8MP resolution on the rear and 2MP on the front. The battery will be of Silicon Anode Li-ion type that will get more juice from the limited space.

The company has so far raised $3,330,317. They also had a special price for one day of $600 that has already been sold out. Check out more details on Indiegogo.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in