Smart Namo 1.5GHz quad core handset coming soon

Smart Namo an independent body will soon launch the Smart Namo quad core handset dedicated to Narendra Modi. The group is also planning to make it a signature edition (with Narendra Modiโ€™s signature).

The single page Smart Namo website is already up with limited details. They are also active on Facebook. The specs looks perfect and I believe the cost will be as attractive. If the profit factor is reduced (cost to cost basis), one could get it for a much lower price.

The Smart Namo will come with a 5 inch screen with corning glass 2 protection. The handset will be available in different variants example 2GB / 16GB, 2GB / 32GB and 2GB /64GB. It will be powered by 1.5GHz MediaTek quad core processor MT6589T and will also houses dual camera, the rear camera will be of 13MP resolution.

The handset will be launched soon, by end of August in Gujarat. The Smart Namo price is unknown. Its a new start-up and I am not sure if they are planning to stay in this business, as after sales could be a major concern, though the company had mentioned thatย  they will launch complete support services for all handsets. If the price is very tempting then probably people might take a risk.

smart namo Shri Narendra Modi "signature edition handset


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