Letv has already launched their official website for Indian markets. The company will make an official entry into the Indian market by launching their not yet disclosed super phone. The launch date also has not yet been revealed.

Their official website is called LeMall.com and the homepage says ‘Namaste India‘. Then there is the link to the Letv.com forum wherein the company will be offering tickets to 10 winners for the launch party in India. All that the user need to do is guess the launch date.

Letv have given a hint when the launch will happen i.e. between 13th November and 16th January 2016. You can take part, guess the date and if you are the lucky winner you may end up watching the event live when it happens.

Letv Le mall official Indian website

The good news is that Letv is coming soon, within few months. So when do you think the company will launch their super phone and make an officially entry in the Indian markets?

I guess probably by end of December or first week of January 2016.

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in