LeTV another awaited brand is all set to make its entry in the Indian markets. They will be launching their first smartphone (super product what they call) next year. Well it’s already mid December and the official launch date is just few weeks /days away.

LeTV has confirmed the launch date is on 5th of January 2016. LeTV were already running a contest from few weeks, wherein the users had to guess the date when their first product will be launched in India. The company did gave some clues i.e. the date would be before 13th Jan 2016.

And now it has officially been confirmed – it is on January 5th 2016. The date is mentioned in LeTV’s LeMe forum and also has the names of 8 users who guess it right, these users will be joining the event in Delhi. Some of the users who guessed 4th and 6th Jan 2016 as the launch date will also get an opportunity to join the event.

LeTV launch date in India is set to 5th January 2016

Let’s see what the LeTV has in store for the Indian markets, we know the products are great, but the price also needs to be set just right.

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    1. If you update their latest firmware to 008s its quality is excellent. Also build quality is superb and phone looks great so is the display…

      1. Camera not going to par with Redmi note 3 , firmware update can’t make it better than a dual tone flash device for low light photos 🙁

  1. Check mate Lenovo to launch K4 Note in Jan with rumoured MediaTek Helio X10 chipset to compete with LETV 1S!

  2. Got a LeTV Le 1 X600… Bought from china. Nice phone so far. Only problem is the Chinese apps and services. They have a video streaming service which is mostly in chinese. After India launch i hope i can get a full English ROM.

  3. Guys dnt be so pre-exited,handset ,price has not been revealed. If it price at right then it will hit otherwise…..

    1. Thanks for pointing it out,LeTv has made a big mistake by excluding Gyro in their LETV 1S,also internet reviews about LeTv 1s cam is not gud but seems to hav gud build quality!

      1. do you know about Google cardboard vr or something similar?

        a VR app will not work if your phone doesn’t have a good gyroscopic sensor to track movement of your head.

      2. @Ravi: I did explain it to you but Gogi didn’t post it which I don’t know why???Anyway bro just do a simple Google Search u will get your answer about VR and the necessity of Gyro for using VR related apps and Headsets!

      3. vr player is an app which can be used to see 3D videos
        it require google cardboard
        gyroscope sensor in ur phone

    2. 1080 p is not good for vr because i have k3 note and also tested with my friend mi4 it looks pixelated atleast 2k display as mentioned in domo vr box to get better experience,i think thats why Letv have skipped gyro sensor.

  4. RIP xiaomi,
    Letv,meizu,lenovo gona kick u & send back to China.
    India is dumping ground for xiaomi.
    Its gona be my next phone,
    Gogi G
    Lenovo next note is coming in Jan
    It would be great.

  5. That’s great. On 5th LeTv and on 4th Microsoft launching their phones. Let us see who gives better specs.

  6. Finally the wait is over may be letv will change the concept of budget phones in India with their superfones….eagerly waiting for letv le1s(Xiaomi killer????)….

  7. according to all the reviews on youtube, Letv smartphone camera’s are not good i.e below average but rest everything is top notch.

  8. Ya, just curious, what’s this hype about letv phone or brand ??
    Never heard this brand before…
    Another Chinese product ?

    1. Just checked…
      Its gonna be awesome, if they give good price and customer service as well….
      Hope they don’t do mistake of xiomi with getting in legal troubles and having no customer service base…….

  9. Great value for money products. Premium looks with highly affordable prices. FINAL NAIL IN COFFIN OF XIAOMI IN INDIA

  10. just bought letv x600 from jd.com…some offer running on that phone so i got it in 124 usd…gogiji please review some letv phone..