Milagrow has launched a floor cleaning robot called the RedHawk 3.0. They claim it comes with a large brush for cleaning and with the world’s largest dustbin (1 litre capacity) on the main body. The Milagrow RedHawk 3.0 is priced at ₹25,990.

The Milagrow RedHawk 3.0 comes with extra sensors that can increase the suction intensity when higher dirt is detected. This cleaning device also comes with UV bulb and HEPA filters. The UV (ultraviolet) light will sanitize the floor, kill bacteria, viruses and organic matter. The HEPA filters will clear dust pollen – it will clear 99.97% of matter greater than 0.3 micrometer from the air.

There are 6 different cleaning modes on the RedHawk 3.0 including the wet cleaning mop. This cleaning robot can detect obstacle and fall detection. It will automatically return to the charging unit when battery is less than 15%, will charge and then continue the work from where it left.

Milagrow Redhawk 3.0 robot cleaner

The charging dock can also be used to schedule the robot to clean at specific time or specific day of the week. RedHawk 3.0 is effective and super silent (55db noise).

Milagrow Redhawk 3.0

The Milagrow RedHawk 3.0 cleaning robot is available for ₹23,391.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -