If you are still planning to buy a fitness band then do check this Lenovo HW02 review. This fitness band is not yet available in India, but you can import this, cost will be under Rs. 2500. This is water resistant band and comes with unique blue color OLED.

The Lenovo HW02 looks much better than the Lenovo HW01, if given a choice 100% users would actually prefer the HW02. The design is unique, strap is unique using two color combination and the fit is just perfect.

The screen is placed underneath the slightly transparent plastic, you will not notice unless the screen switches on. Furthermore the display is blue color and looks really awesome though slightly blurry cause its under the plastic (but not that bad).

The buckle is made of metal and it is not that easy putting the band on your wrist but once you put the strap it looks really good. This Lenovo HW02 band is water resistant IP67 certified you can use it in rain but avoid using it under water.

Lenovo HW02 review

The screen is smaller  in size with smaller resolution hence it gives better battery life when compared with the Lenovo HW01. This band can track your steps, calories burned, monitor your sleep and track your heart rate.

Lenovo HW02 strap

Lenovo HW02 features and specifications

Chip used : NRF52832
RAM : 64K
ROM : 512K
IP Rating : IP67 – water resistant
Screen : OLED 0.42 inches with 72 x 40 pixels resolution
Input : Touch key
Battery : 60 mAh. 1.5 hours charging  / 8 to 12 days battery life
Inside the box : Band, user manual, warranty card, magnetic charging cable

Lenovo HW02 in hand

Lenovo HW02 performance

This band gave consistent results, heart rate is pretty accurate and battery life is pretty good. You can enable twist wrist to show time, this does not work from 9PM to 6AM. When you twist wrist you will see the time, and if you tap the touch button your will get date first and then time.

You will need to download and install Smart Bracelet application – this is the same application that Lenovo HW01 makes use of. Using the app you can enable call notification, Facebook, whatsapp notifications etc.

Lenovo HW02 box pack

When you get a notification the band will vibrate and you will get the icon on the screen from that icon you will know what the notification is about i.e. from Whatsapp, Facebook, Call etc.  The screen is not easily visible under sunlight.

For more accurate reading use the app and tap exercise icon, that will make use of Smartphone’s GPS and also monitors heart rate continuously. By default continuous heart rate is disabled you can enable that – however that will drain a lot of battery juice.

Continuous heart rate in idle mode will measure heart rate every 15 minutes.

Lenovo HW02 battery review

The HW02 comes with 60 mAh non-removable battery. It takes about less than one and a half hours to charge it and on full charge you can get 8 to 12 days battery life depending on your usage. I am getting about 8% to 10% drop per day so an easy 10 to 12 days.


This one is much better than the Lenovo HW01, the strap is connected with the body, looks good and quality is very good. I guess the strap will last for a longer period. Other features are great. Now this band is available in Black -Black, Black – Blue (the one I used in this review) and Black – Orange color options. I liked the Black – Blue cause the screen is also blue and blends well.

Rating 5 out of 5

Where to buy?

This band is not available in India, you can buy this from GearBest, there will be no custom duty.

Use the link and note down the coupon code : GBCE this will give you some discount, better select Priority shipping that will cost a little extra in fact with the coupon code you can consider priority line shipping as free – in all the band should come for around $33.22 with priority line shipping (approx less than Rs. 2500).

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in