Here is the review of SoundBot SB565 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headset that is especially made for sports enthusiasts. This product is listed and available on Amazon, for under Rs. 2,500, now priced at Rs. 2,177 – worth it? read the review and find out.

SoundBot SB565 looks different, has got a unique design and fits perfectly well. Once you plug in the headset into your ears it is not going to fall off that easily, plus it is quite comfortable – you can wear it for longer period of time.

Today almost every Jogger / Fitness – Sports enthusiasts listen to music and in most cases they use a wireless or wired device. The problem with wired earphone / headphone is user many accidentally hit the wire that might pull off the headphone from the ear or may accidentally remove the pin from the smartphone. Plus users need to be careful when using a wired headset.

SoundBot SB565 review

Wireless headphones / earphones gives you more freedom, you don’t have to worry about dangling wires.  Now these wireless devices come in two variant completely wireless i.e. you get a separate left headphone and a separate right headphone or a left headphone and a right headphone connected with a wire.

The Sound SB565 comes with left and right unique looking headphone connected with wire. The right headphone is packed with battery, got a multi functional single button, micro USB port to charge the battery and volume rocker / media control button.

SoundBot SB565 quality

SoundBot SB565 Specification

Bluetooth Version : 4.0
Features : Scratch resistant, HD sound, built in Mic, Water Resistant
Other : Extra ear tips
Range : 10 meters
Battery Charge time : around 2 hours
Battery Life : 4 to 5 hours(non-stop)

SoundBot SB565 bluetooth headset


The audio quality is good, clear and the bass is pretty good. Since this is made for people on the move it does serve the purpose. It does not easily fall off from your ear and the battery life is pretty good. There is a built in microphone, you can receive calls / make calls.

You will need to pair this with your smartphone using Bluetooth. The pairing process is simple and easy to follow. This headphone gives beep notifications (there is no voice notification).


For the price this is a good buy, especially for those who walk / Jog / Cycle / Fitness enthusiasts who want to be entertained on the move.

Rating 4 out of 5

SoundBot SB565 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headset is now available on Amazon for Rs. 2,177.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -