If you are looking to buy a premium quality earphone then do check the Piston Fit from 1More company. The 1More Piston Fit comes with a affordable price tag of Rs. 999. Check this review to know more.

There are many earphones available in the markets. The cheaper ones sound good but the difference between the cheaper earphone and premium quality earphone is easily noticeable. This 1More Piston Fit earphone comes with 45 degree level angle design, something similar to as seen on other earphones specially Mi in-ear headphones Pro HD.

80% of the body of Piston Fit is made of aluminium (Anodized metal surface). It is available in different color options. It fits easily, and does not fall that easily. You can use the extra ear caps that is included in the box for a more comfortable fit depending on your ear size.

1More Piston Fit Box Pack

1More Piston Fit Specifications

Weight : 14 grams
Wire Length : 1.25m
In-Line Control : Yes, single button with mic
Frequency Range : 20-20000 Hz
Impedance : 32 ohm
Sensitivity : 100dB/mW
Plug : 3.5mm

1More Piston Fit earphone


The sound quality is impressive. You can easily feel the difference if you were using a standard quality earphone. On standard low cost earphone even on the Mi Capsule the sound feels flat, but when you use the 1More Piston Fit you can easily feel the difference, sound is more clear and the bass is really good.

1More Piston Fit review


You will not know the difference until you hear it,  but to give you an idea the difference is something similar to watching a 2D movie and a 3D movie. Now the Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD is slightly even better than this 1More Piston Fit, however there is a Rs. 1,000 price difference.

1More Piston Fit quality

1More Piston Fit remote

So Piston Fit by 1More makes sense if your budget is limited.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

1More Piston Fit is available for Rs. 999.

Official site.

Published by Gogi Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in

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  1. hi gogi ji i bought today from flipkart, average performance was good but the 3.5mm audio jack which i bought was a L shaped but here is straight one, is there any mismatching in the product?

  2. gogi bhai,

    1More E1009 Piston 45 Angle In-ear Wired Control Earphone Headphone With Mic Rs588.10 on banggood,so it is best deal or not ??is it original or first copy,,?

    1. Had cowon em1. The sound quality was really poor on that. Also it was more inclined towards treble, not bass. Luckily it stopped working within 6 months ; ) 1more piston is much better in terms of both build quality and sound quality. No comparison with cowon em1. But even in 1more, bass is not that great. For people who like a bass heavy sound signature, 1more would not be ideal. It has a very balanced sound. The sound is pleasant and not at all harsh so that you can listen to music without any discomfort for a long time. The sound quality is very good. The earbuds fit in your ears perfectly and are light-weight. One con with 1more is that the noise isolation is not that great. Also the cable is not tangle free.

    1. clr 100 is good but quite frankly, the mids are bit recessed to my liking and the bass is just not there. Thumping bass is there but the ‘boom boom effect’ is not there. No deep bass either. However it’s cable is quite durable doesn’t look like it but it is. Very durable not even exaggerating.

  3. There is no denial that sound quality of these earphones and Mi earphones is good, but build quality is not good and they will easily tear off, especially the rubber parts of the cables…personal experience with daily use…..

    1. It mostly depends on how you store it, never keep it near a heated source like on your desktop / near it.

    2. You’re right. Ive noticed this problem in many good earphones. I had a pair of UE350VI. They were very good but the cable sheath first became very stiff and it would keep coming out of the ears. Then it started cracking and finally came apart completely. The earphone speakers were fine till the end but the cable and the plastic housing was very substandard. And I never ever placed them near any heat sources.

    3. I’m using mi pro earphones for 1 year, and m using it pretty roughly. Still looks and feel nice to me. And rubber part is great too

      1. @ADAM: For u r info my Mi Earphones pro HD died just last week all of a sudden where I am able to hear now only extreme distortion sounds that too very lightly from both sides, however it ‘s life came for me for one and half years. Now soon need to buy better earphones…

    4. Go for KZ ZS5…
      Its sounds in par with costly headphone..
      Have a try you will understand
      It has 4 driver each side…
      You can get it in banggood without any coustom taxes.

        1. Yep. Man i own them..
          Wires are detachable so no worried if wired got cut or what so ever..
          I took 22 Days to reach via china post which was the free shipping in banggood. You can also opt india line which you will receive in 10 days. In gear best.

          1. I have beyerdynamics byron in ear headphones which is single driver sound is very good in it. But i have not tried these multi driver headphones. Can i expect the Hi Fi sound output than my beyerdynamics headphone?

    5. most of us make mistake while taking out earphones from ear. We tend hold the wire and pull the ear phone out after finished with listening.this is wrong because cable is the weakest link. if we hold the body and pull the earphones then wire remains safe and does not break off. This way its easy to extend the life without causing physical damage. also do fall asleep with earphones plugged in the ear.

  4. Hello Gogi, I am looking for a budget Bluetooth earphone/headphone.
    Can you please suggest one ?

      1. I found it on aliexpress but it is wired one. can you share link for s.ware he wireless earphone?

        1. Sorry if you need Bluetooth head phones
          U can still go for KZ ZS5. Its wireed and wireless to for bluetooth module u need to pay additional Rs.500
          Check in aliexpress. You will know

    1. Mi PRO HD is better if you check specs there is one minor difference. But this one and the earlier pro is the same.

  5. Bass in this headphones is just adequate for normal listening. Bassheads and those who love EDM music should go Sony XB series earphones.

  6. Gogi plz Tell us good professional headphones under 4000 plz….since there are too many in the market it’s quite confusing for many.

  7. which one is better the sanheiser cx 180 street 2 or 1 more piston fit or brainwavz omega as they all fall under rs 1000 premium cateogary, which one is recomended

  8. Awei is one more brand which makes some very good quality earphones…… Available on eBay…great sound quality. Many models to choose from. I have es 900i.

      1. Sure bro. They could definitely think of a better name. The name makes it look like a cheap copy for sure. Its still great though, so it shouldn’t matter to a lot of people anyways.