If you are looking to buy a premium quality earphone then do check the Piston Fit from 1More company. The 1More Piston Fit comes with a affordable price tag of Rs. 999. Check this review to know more.

There are many earphones available in the markets. The cheaper ones sound good but the difference between the cheaper earphone and premium quality earphone is easily noticeable. This 1More Piston Fit earphone comes with 45 degree level angle design, something similar to as seen on other earphones specially Mi in-ear headphones Pro HD.

80% of the body of Piston Fit is made of aluminium (Anodized metal surface). It is available in different color options. It fits easily, and does not fall that easily. You can use the extra ear caps that is included in the box for a more comfortable fit depending on your ear size.

1More Piston Fit Box Pack

1More Piston Fit Specifications

Weight : 14 grams
Wire Length : 1.25m
In-Line Control : Yes, single button with mic
Frequency Range : 20-20000 Hz
Impedance : 32 ohm
Sensitivity : 100dB/mW
Plug : 3.5mm

1More Piston Fit earphone


The sound quality is impressive. You can easily feel the difference if you were using a standard quality earphone. On standard low cost earphone even on the Mi Capsule the sound feels flat, but when you use the 1More Piston Fit you can easily feel the difference, sound is more clear and the bass is really good.

1More Piston Fit review


You will not know the difference until you hear it,  but to give you an idea the difference is something similar to watching a 2D movie and a 3D movie. Now the Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD is slightly even better than this 1More Piston Fit, however there is a Rs. 1,000 price difference.

1More Piston Fit quality

1More Piston Fit remote

So Piston Fit by 1More makes sense if your budget is limited.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

1More Piston Fit is available for Rs. 999.

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in