The best things in this world does not come for free, same is the case with the Asus ROG GX800 gaming laptop. Key high light is it supports 4K UHD, comes with liquid cooling system and using dual Graphics (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 SLI.

Though gaming laptops are meant for performance and portability, this Asus ROG GX800 though can be moved around is not that light weight. Since this ROG gaming laptop comes with mechanical keyboard it increases the overall weight. The Laptop weight is 5.7 Kg with built in battery and the Cooling system weight itself is around 4.7 kg.

The Screen is 18.4 inches and resolution is 4K UHD. The hardware is very powerful and with dual graphics the games run buttery smooth, not to forget on a 4K  resolution. The system is also packed with high end specifications mentioned below.

Asus ROG GX800 review

Asus ROG GX800 specifications

CPU : Intel® Core™ i7 7820HK Processor
Chipset : Intel® CM238 Express
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 SLI , with 16GB VRAM
Screen : 18.4″ (16:9) LED backlit UHD (3840×2160) Anti-Glare Panel with 100% Adobe with G-Sync
RAM : DDR4 2800MHz SDRAM, up to 64 GB SDRAM
Storage : 1.5TB PCIE Gen3X4 SSD (RAID0)
Keyboard : Mechanical Keyboard W/ROG AURA
Other Feature  :
Card reader, Mic, Headphone jack, USB 3.0, USB 3.1, HDMI, Mini Display, RJ45, docking port, 3W speaker, ASUS Sonic Studio, 8 Cells 74 Whrs battery
Connectivity : WiFi, Bluetooth, External Antenna
Weight : 5.37 Kg Laptop and Thermal Dock 4.7 Kg
OS : Windows 10 Home

Asus ROG GX800 with cooling system

Asus ROG GX800 Performance

You can either connect the adapter directly to the Laptop or mount the Cooling System that will provide better and a much stable performance if you intend to play high end games for a longer period of time.

It is recommended to use the Liquid Cooling system that helps keep the GPU / CPU temperature under control offering a non-interrupted, lag free and smooth gaming experience 24/7.

Asus ROG GX800 light on lid

I ran the 3D Mark 11 benchmark app and got the score of 19818 that is very good considering the 4K resolution. Furmark benchmark app also showed that both the GPU temperatures were stable at around 67 degrees and 64 degrees.

Asus ROG GX800 mechanical keyboard

The mechanical keyboard on this laptop is something unique, they also light up. Check the video review for more details.

Asus ROG GX800 design


Overall this is a powerful laptop and you can play high end games (name any game and it will play – Rise of Tomb Raider, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon to name a few) for 24/7 without any issues or lags, plus this is with a 4K screen. The Liquid cooling system is packed inside a suitcase and the laptop can be packed inside the laptop bag. Overall both are quite heavy. If you recall I did the review of Asus GX700 that also came with liquid cooling system and there everything was packed inside the suitcase.

Coming to the price, specs are impressive high end and so is the price around Rs. 8,00,000.

Rating 4.2 out of 5

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  1. Gogi thanks,

    also gives some budget laptop review under 50k.
    which laptop to opt i3 or i5? etc

    1. If you can afford go with i7 but if budget is the issue then even i5 / i3 will do but always better to go for higher model as it will serve you longer. So once you buy a laptop after 1 or 2 years you should not feel that speed is less or you should have gone for a higher configuration.

  2. Sir,
    It would be better if the specification “gtx 1080 sli 16GB vram” mentioned 8GB vram effective. Because sli works in parallel kind of analogy, so vram (frame buffer) doesn’t get doubled up. The same frames are simultaneously fed to the two GPUs at once, meaning the compute power doubles up (i.e, cores = 2560*2).

    Great review as always!

  3. for 8 Lakh,,

    Better to buy sport bike+ High End Gaming PC

    or a Good car+ Gaming PC

    or PS4 + XBOXONE+GAMING PC +ETC…………..

  4. Why Windows 10 HOME!!!!!! At least they should have provided Windows 10 Pro with a nice set of games….

    Because after spending such an hefty amount you wouldn’t like to Use KMSPICO for Windows 10 Pro…. The most beloved for all laptop buyers….

    I ask all my relatives/friends to buy Linux version of laptop which saves them Rs 4000-5000 and save them from crappy Windows home version…. Then Install Windows after downloading iso from windows official store..

    1. Pro / Home option is available, I did not know you were do interested in this, are you planning to buy?

      1. No, not at all brother….

        A person spending that much deserves a better OS….

        Because, In india games were rather torrented than bought…

        I use liquidsky….

        By using that, You can play any game in a virtual pc… Just you need a stable and faster internet…

        I can play Watchdogs, GTA 5, etc. In My RN3 and Laptop… AMD dual core processor based cpu with no dedicated graphics card, HP Plavilion g4 1303au…. And, that’s on the go….

        I pay subscription but that’s better than carfying heft and such heavy amount…

    1. is impossible .because this laptop uses high end gpu.You need low end gpu to play angry birds in ultra mode ..

    2. Nope, it can only play games like gta 5 and fallout 4.
      For Angry birds, you need to increase your budget.