The Moto X Play is powered by snapdragon 1.7GHz 64 Bit octa core processor running Lollipop with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage. The X Play comes with 21MP primary camera and a 3630 mAh non-removable battery. Is it worth for the price of ₹18,499? find out.

X Play Unboxing
Inside the box you will find the handset, quick start guide in English and Hindi language options, warranty information, data cable, travel charger (5V ~ 1.15A), SIM ejector Pin and standard quality earphone. SAR value : 0.80 W/Kg head and 1.23 W/kg body.

Design and Display
The handset design is just like the other Moto E, Moto G and Moto X smartphones. However there are some minor changes. The side have got a metallic finishing that look like metal, but it in fact is made of plastic. It’s a curvy design bulkier in the center and gets slimmer towards the edges. Weight with battery is 167 grams and dimensions are 75.04 x 148.18 x 11.10mm.

Moto X Play review and unboxing

The back panel can be removed and there is nothing really inside, battery is built in. The reason why the company has given the option to remove the back panel is that users can buy extra (colorful) panels and change the look as and when they want. I bought the black colour version for the review. The rear panel looks cool thanks to the textures, it gives a good grip and a premium feel.

Moto X Play textures on the back

Power button and volume rocker are on the right side, Micro USB port is at the bottom and audio jack on the top along with SIM tray. This is a dual SIM handset you need 2 x nano SIM and you can also use a micro SD card – so you can use dual SIM + micro SD, check image below.

Moto X Play dual SIM slots

Moto X Play sports a 5.5 inch screen with corning gorilla glass 3 protection and supporting 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. There are no dedicated navigation buttons and hence some area on the screen will be used for on screen navigational buttons.

Colour reproduction, viewing angles and touch response are very good. If you run your finger on the edge of the screen you will not feel the frame, it is that smooth.

There is no LED notification and native video calling is not supported. There are following sensors – accelerometer, light, proximity, hall and magnetic. It is not clearly mentioned on official site if the handset comes with dual mic, also there is no option in settings (call) to enable noise cancellation.

Memory, Storage and OS
There is 2GB RAM, 16GB storage and micro SD card support. On the first boot you will get around 10 GB free internal space and 1.1GB free RAM. OTG is supported but you will need to download the file manger app from google play if needed, as that does not come pre-installed. Apps are getting installed on internal storage and there is an option to move to external storage.

X Play is running Android 5.1.1 32 bit OS.

Moto X Play review

This handset is using the well known Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 64 Bit (big.LITTLE) (MSM8916) octa core chipset (28 nm) clocked at 1.7GHz coupled with Adreno 405 GPU. Performance is smooth, hardware is powerful (however it cannot play 4K videos) but does heat up with heavy usage. The max temperature I encountered was 45 degrees when I was outdoor under the SUN, using the camera.


Benchmark App Score
Quadrant 22861
Antutu (32 bit) 1st – 32644 , 2nd – 31385
Nenamark 2 58.2fps
Multi touch 10 point

I installed Asphalt 8, on internal storage. The game play was smooth in high visual quality mode. This hardware is good enough for heavy games.

The Moto X Play key attraction is the 21MP primary camera. The front camera is of 5MP resolution. The camera picture quality is excellent, however the focusing is not that great, at times it is not able to focus close subjects properly and output is not that sharp. Long shots and low light (street light) turned out pretty impressive. Camera quality in general in above average.

The camera interface is different and as seen on other Moto handsets. You need to move the rectangle on the subject you want to focus and there is option to control the exposure. This  handset can shoot FHD videos. Do check the sample images and videos at the end of this review.

Moto X Play 21MP AF camera with dual tone LED flash

Sound is very loud and clear. In-call sound is also pretty good. 4G worked on both the SIM slots. No issues with WiFi, GPS, NFC and Bluetooth.

There is no double tap to wake up option, however the handset supports voice command, and it’s always active, Just say ‘Okay Moto X Play’ and then say the command, it works even in standby mode. Plus there is the Moto screen, that shows the notification (quick glance) when you pick your phone without having to press the power button (as seen on most Moto smartphones).  This is a very good option when you are driving, you can use this and let the handset read out text messages.

There is 3630 mAh non-removable battery. I did not find the battery performance that impressive considering the mAh capacity, it’s average. You can expect 3 to 6 hours of continuous moderate to heavy usage. The handset did last for one and a half day with mixed usage. Fast charging is supported buy you will need to buy separate fast charger that will be made available soon.

Moto X Play 3630 mAh non-removable battery

Performance Time Battery drop % Battery Max Temp
Benchmark 12 Minutes 4% 39 degree
Gaming (Asphalt 8) 18 Minutes 8% 42 degree
FHD movie play with full brightness + Wi-Fi on 37 minutes 10% 39 degree
Wall Charge (on standby) 3 hours 33 minutes 5% to 100% (wall charge) 35 degree
Wall charger 2nd 2 hours 9 minutes 7% to 74% 35 degree

The Moto X Play is using the Snapdragon 615 chipset that is used on other handsets with a cheaper price tag. Now considering the 21MP camera performance and the battery performance, I think the price of ₹18,499 is high.

Though it is a very good handset, the camera performance can be improved, battery backup is not that great, handset heats-up,  but overall the handset does look pricey at this price tag.

Moto X Play is available for ₹18,499.

Image Gallery

Rear Camera sample

Front Camera sample

Video Review

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  1. Dear Gogi,
    I am Bit confused and need your expert advice on urgent basis

    I was using Note 2 but its Motherborad Crashed and now looking New Mobile So PleaSE ADVICE Should I go For Moto X Play or wait for MI5 or any other advice under budget around 20K

    Camera and Overall Performance Matter… Huge Use while Work

    Gaming Not So Intrested

    Please Must Advice
    Requesting to all User of GOGISHALA

  2. Got Moto X Play for rs 15300 during flipkart big billion days. I found the phone good for this price.
    1. Good display
    2. Very Good Camera in daylight
    3. Good battery.
    4. Looks stylish and compact for screen size
    1. Battery takes 3 hrs to fully charge.
    2. Stock android has some limitations as there is no quick toggle for mobile data etc
    3. Camera not good in low light and there is no tap to focus option.
    Vodafone sim 2g internet was not working properly, so i replaced the sim with new nano sim, its working fine now.
    Purchased a local otg cable. But my pen drive didn’t get mounted. May be the otg cable is faulty. SO MY ONLY QUESTION TO GOGI IS WHETHER THIS PHONE SUPPORTS USB OTG CABLE ? OR WE NEED TO PURCHASE A SEPERATE USB OTG PEN DRIVE ONLY?
    I mean can we

  3. Hello Gogi, I m looking forward to buy Moto X play, but i am bit confused whether i should go for it or not. My budget is Rs15000-20000/-. I am not much into gaming(not a heavy gamer), my first nd for most priority is that the phone should give me lag free experience every time i use it. The phone should serve me for at-least 2 years without troubling me much. plus good looks will be appreciated. Please suggest, whether I should buy moto x play, or is their any better phone which can serve me well on my expectations?

  4. No AMOLED display 5.5” LCD is power hungry so the battery backup is not impressive. Drained to 10% in 35 min video watch

  5. Hi Gogi sir,

    with correct focusing can we get good quality photos with Moto X play?
    suppose Galaxy S6 has 10/10 for camera then how much points u will give to Moto X play?

  6. Gogi sir hats off to you…

    Ur reviews are really unbiased and helpfull…

    And ur comments and reply section is awesome…i also like the way of video u reviewed…
    this all makes ur blog different from others…

    Keep working…
    I am ur permanent fan..?

  7. Great Review by Gogi Bro, is this even comparable with Lenovo Note as that is just half the price of this.

  8. Installed and Played Games like Asphalt 8, Real Cricket, Shadow Fight 2, Brain Dots
    Handset doesn’t heat… Asphalt 8, game play is smooth in High quality mode.
    It seems Motorola has worked on heating issue and optimized the software really well.

  9. I think there is some kind of camera glitch and it will be resolved in coming updates or with android M so stay tuned fr that and thn decide to buy or not…

  10. So it is proved… higher MP count doesnt mean higher the quality… zenfone2leaser does better job with 13mp cam…

    1. It’s not proved buddy, it has problems with focusing, while zenfone has a laser focus, the picture quality is much much better than the Zenfone laser. I have used both the phones, it does take some time to focus on Moto, but it’s easily manageable.

      1. Hi Buddy,

        Have u used moto X play? I want to buy it. please tell me how is the picture quality of camera.

  11. I have this phone from 20th sep , I must say that this is best phone below rs20000. at first time I think its not worth but believe me it is best. For battery performance just install du battery saver and see the magic of phone, it last full day with heavy user, I always use 4g, watching youtube surfing net playing games on whole day but still it left approx 20_30% battery, no phone can beat this phone in term of battery with full hd display.

    At last I live in punjab where temp is high generally but my mobile never cross limit 43 degree but that also in sometimes but on avg it remain 35 degree
    @gogi I think ur phone has fault imp- when I purchased this phone I thought it not worth but today I proudly say its best.

    1. Proudly say cheap one. Can go mi 4 rather then this, sent back after using 3 days. And if Gogi brother got faulty then then he will replace and do review..

      1. @varun u r right mi4 is good phone it has only single sim and I think in india about 80% people perfer dual sim phone. yeah there is glitch in camera focus but I think it is software issue and lastly I do not know other but my moto x play perform really well.

    2. Dude get Mi4i & then lets see whose camera is better. Moto doesnt even come near to Xiaomi & they are pricing higher then that.

    1. First use this phone and than talk about it..I have used galaxy grand. Grand series is a crap of Samsung.

  12. Gogi , How you mark out of 10 in terms of camera & video

    Moto x play : –
    camera (pictures) = __ /10
    Video quality = __ /10

    One plus two :-
    camera = __ /10
    video = __ /10

    asus laser :-
    camera = __ /10
    video = __ /10

  13. You are bang on Gogi! The price is indeed high. I think the upcoming Zenfone 2 Laser with SD 615 and 3GB RAM makes more sense to buy from a bang for buck perspective.

    1. No this snapdragon 615 cannot play 4K, video is not smooth and sound cuts off after every few seconds.

        1. I tried using MX player, I don’t think it will work. H/W cannot play and in S/W mode on MX player it works for sometime and then there is a audio cut off, and same repeats.

          1. Sad to know u don’t know many or mostly android phones do not support infinite frame rate stop demoralizing the pretty phone.

  14. ok sir I got it now…sir u hvnt answer can we expect samsumg galaxy j7 review and lg g4 review soon? if u r not going to do so dan plz let u tell me….thx

    1. Follow my Youtube channel I always load the sample videos shot using the handset that I am reviewing, so you will know what is coming up next.

  15. Using this phone from past 5 days, phone is an excellent performer. Camera is great, yes it has focusing issues for close shots, but for long shots it does a great job. Hope, the camera issue will be fixed in the upcoming android 6.0 update which is coming by the end of October or Mid-November. It supports Turbo Charging, Charger will be made available by Moto soon. (or you can try any other charger with it, It works).

    Gameplay is smooth, Dual-Band wifi is also available. Notification LED is not there because it has MOTO DISPLAY, which shows Interactive Notification icons on screen when they arrive and when you pick the device up. It works great and doesn’t eat too much battery. Battery backup is great too. I get 24hours backup and my WiFi/3g is on all the time. Also I have more the 50 Apps installed.

  16. Even brand value will be not enough to sell this kind of products. Very few takers for such dumb phones. I rate moto e far ahead than it when it comes VFM criteria. Heating they could not control then why not go for 8999/- vfm.

  17. Gogi bro, I m confused between Moto g3 and x play,is it worthwhile to spnd extra 5.5 k and go for x play considering display,camera nd overall performance?

      1. Yureka plus is a paper champ and usability suffers a lot. Bad speakers, bad audio, constant heat, low battery backup and app crashes and non-existent support.
        There is simply no comparison between Motorola and Yu phones.
        You can save money by buying Yu phones if you can live with those usability issues.

  18. Hi gogi i have moto x play. It actually supports 3 mics. 1st is in the back side at the bottom-middle. 2nd is near sim eject tray along that metallic rim (check there is a little cut in back panel near sim tray) .3rd is in call speaker inbuilt. And you forgot to mention that is support fast charging technology. I have tried this and it works great.

    1. Okay but the same is not mentioned on their official website, and How did you fast charge? using another charger?

      1. So many things are not properly mentioned at their website. The charger that comes in the box is a normal charger so you need a turbo charger that normally are coming with flagship phones like moto x style. Yes i have tried it and phone support turbo charging technology or fast charging.

        1. It is TurboPower 15 compatible. Qualcomm quick charge 2.0 technology. Moto X Style charger is a 25w charger, while the Play is only compatible with a new 15w charger. So you need turbo power 15 wall charger 🙂

        2. Well they will not mention charger cause that would mean extra spending. Even Meizu MX5 has same problem, fast charging supported but fast charger not provided.

      2. Yes, moto x play supports fast charging …. but the same charger is not provided in the box. We have to buy it separately from another store!

          1. Mi4 is a great overall package in this respect. They even ship with fast charger.
            Had they given dual sim and 4G support, it would be one of the best phones in market right now. I have used Mi4 extensively and I can vouch for the excellent cameras (both front & rear)

            If one is OK with 3g and can shell money for 64GB variant, Mi4 is amazing phone.

          2. mi4 is a great device i was ok with no 4g, i was ok with no memory card & single sim slot, i was ok with non removable battery, i was ok with yellow tint with flash but i was not ok with very fast battery drain in idle condition with airplane mode on & heating issue.
            i tried many new and old rom, i also contacted Flipkart’s & mi’s very bad customer care but no help.
            and after rearch of 1 month i found not only me but many people suffering but no solution found.
            infact some youtube reviewers confirms this issue..
            after 1 month with heavy heart i have to sell my mi4 for 12k means loss of 3k.

  19. Gogi I ask u which is best in camera department ASUS LASER or MOTO X PLAY…as u rated both camera excellent …i have one more querry plz will u give samsung galaxy j7 and lg g4 review? just asking u for my sake….

    1. I have not rated X Play camera as excellent, the picture quality is excellent, but overall camera is above average because it is not able to focus properly most of the time.

  20. You gave this camera an Excellent rating, it reminded me something …

    You also gave excellent rating to Zenfone 2 Laser’s camera. There was a guy who commented “when Gogi rates excellent then i think it will beat my iphone 6’s cam. :p :p ”

    Dude, i have had the privilege to review both iphone 6 nd zenfone 2 camera side-by-side…..
    I want u all to know that Laser’s camera is far ahead of iphone 6’s cam .. in clarity, sharpness …. sometime I found oversaturated colors in Laser, but still sharpness was better than iphone. on the other hand , iphone 6 gave accurate colors all the time ,unlike, Laser. but image was sharper in Laser .

    yes, laser’s camera is Excellent!! 😉

    1. Sorry the camera picture quality is excellent, but have rated this as above average (have added that in camera section – already mentioned that in video review) cause focusing is not great and when it is not able to focus nicely the the rest of the features also fails, if you check most closeup images are not that sharp.

  21. Hi Gogi,

    Just after the end of Memory, Storage and OS you have mentioned 32 bit. However in the very next line under performance you have mentioned 64 bit. Could you please clarify.

      1. If hardware is 64 bit they should provide 64 bit software only. This is like running Honda car on kerosene mixed petrol (like auto) !! !!