Duracell PowerBank review – 10050 mAh powerbank for Rs. 2,499

Here is Duracell PowerBank review, in this video I have done the Duracell PB10050 i.e. 10050 mAh power bank unboxing, talked about features and performance. There are mAh options available you can go with 10050 mAh, 6700 mAh or 3350 mAh.

Buy the Duracell Power bank from Amazon – price starts from Rs. 1,879 – https://amzn.to/2PMyODM

What I liked about the powerbank is the compact size, the length is smaller and other dimensions have increased. Plus the company is offering 3 years warranty which is a unique thing.

Duracell 10050 mAh power bank specifications

Comes with 1x micro USB port for charging and 2x USB ports to charge other devices
Input is 5V/2.4A (max) and output is 5V/2.4A (max)
The Duracell power bank can charge your phones up to 2x time faster
Comes with 3 year warranty

10 protection features

Protection to consumers and their phones against short circuit (input & output)
Over voltage (at output port)
Flame retardant case
Dual safety circuits
Under temperature operation
Output overload
Over and under voltage at the input
Cable loop protection
Over temperature protection
Over charge or discharge at cell level

Duracell powerbank price in India

10,050 mAh power bank = Rs. 2,499
6,700 mAh power bank = Rs. 1,879
3,350 mAh power bank = Rs. 1,249

Watch the Duracell Powerbank video review

Duracell 10050 mAh powerbank
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