Lenovo HW01 Smart Band review – with Dynamic Heart Rate monitor

Lenovo HW01 is another smart band not available in India but you can buy from International stores for $25 (approx Rs. 1,700).  Here is the Lenovo HW01 review, this will give you an idea about how the band performs and if you should buy this one?

Lenovo HW01 fitness band unboxing

Inside you will get the band, user manual, warranty card and data cable.

Lenovo HW01 smart band design and features

The band looks a lot different and is also unique in the sense that it comes with micro USB port to charge the built in battery. This fitness band is IP65 certified that makes it splash proof. Lenovo HW01 features a 0.91 inch OLED screen with touch sensitive button.

Lenovo HW01 fitness band box pack

The body is made of skin friendly material, that feels more comfortable and the silicon molding strap gives you a comfort fit all day long. The straps are watch style. You can view most of the details on the band screen itself.

Lenovo HW01 fitness band review

Lenovo HW01 fitness band specifications

OS supported : Android / iOS
Weight : 23 grams
Bluetooth : version 4.2
Features : Heart Rate monitor, Pedometer, anti lost, sleep monitor, call / reminder
Screen : 0.91 inch OLED
Battery : 90 mAh – non-removable
Processor : Nordic nRF 52832
Date / Time display by default : Twist wrist to show

Lenovo HW01 fitness band heart rate sensor and micro USB port

Lenovo HW01 smart band performance

You will need to download the Lenovo Smart Bracelet app from Google or Apple stores. Install it and pair it with the band. The app gives you a lot of option. This band can track your steps, distance covered, calories burned, your sleep pattern, heart rate and apart from this it will also give you alerts – message, SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc.

Lenovo HW01 fitness band strap

You can also enable call alerts (vibration) wherein you will get the caller ID (name as in your contacts) on the OLED screen when you receive a call. This fitness band does not come with built in Mic and Speaker, only vibration alerts.

Lenovo HW01 fitness band

Overall did not encounter any issues, there is no need to carry the smartphone with you but make sure to sync at least once a week.

Lenovo HW01 Real Time Heart Rate

There is option to choose real time heart rate monitoring, you can do that from the app or press and hold the button on the band until you get 3 options choose the 1st option i.e exercise mode and it will start monitoring your heart rate in real time. This is a very good option if you are doing extensive exercise and want to closely monitor your heart rate, you can also setup the heart rate alert value so in case your heart rate goes over the defined value you will get vibration alert.

Lenovo HW01 battery performance

The 90 mAh battery can be fully charged in less than 2 hours (around 1 hours 20 minutes using 5V/1A charger). On a full charge you will get around 15 days of battery life, even more if you hardly use real-time heart rate monitoring option.

The strap is a part of the body so in case it gets damaged you will not be able to replace the strap.


The Lenovo HW01 fitness band is a very good option and slightly cheaper than the Mi band 2. You can definitely go ahead with this band, the results I got was quite consistent (no bands are accurate you need to look for consistency).

Very good buy for $25 not available in India but you can buy from Banggood.com will cost you around Rs. 1,700 and there is no custom duty you need to pay.

Rating 5 out of 5

This band can give tough competition to Mi Band 2.

Now also available on Flipkart for Rs. 1,999.

Buy the Lenovo HW01 for under $25.


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