Lenovo HW01 was recently launched in India, and now the Lenovo HW02 fitness band has been launched though not in India, yet. Here is a comparison among the Lenovo HW01 and the Lenovo HW02 that will help you decide which one is better and which one to buy.

If you go by the looks the Lenovo HW02 looks much better than the Lenovo HW01. The strap quality on the HW02 is also much better than as seen on the HW01. Moreover the design is a lot different on HW02.

The Lenovo HW01 is easy to wear, it is just like a watch, whereas the HW02 is not that easy but once you wear these smartbands the HW02 looks far better. More over the screen on the HW02 is below the outer layer, if you look at the images you will understand.

Lenovo HW01 vs HW02 which one is best

Talking about specs the HW01 comes with 0.91 inch OLED screen with 128 x 32 pixels resolution, IP65 certified and houses a 85 mAh battery with about 5 to 8 days battery life. To charge the band there is a micro USB port built in and that is really good cause you can charge this band with your smartphone power adapter / cable (most smartphone cables are USB to micro USB).

Lenovo HW01 vs HW02 comparison

Now if you look at the Lenovo HW02 specs – it features a 0.42 inch OLED screen with 72 x 40 pixels resolution. It houses a 60 mAh battery that gives about 8 to 12 days of battery life and this band is IP67 certified. Also the HW02 comes with charging points on the back, you need to use the special magnetic charging cable included in the box.

Lenovo HW01 vs HW02 design

So in terms of water protection the Lenovo HW02 is better, it is also better when it comes to battery life and looks wise. The HW02 screen is blue colored that also makes it unique. Hence makes sense to go with Lenovo HW02 in case you are still planning to get a fitness band.

Both bands give consistent results and use the same Smart Bracelet app. Both these bands also come with heart rate sensor and support continuous heart rate monitoring.

Where to buy?

This Lenovo HW02 band is not available in India, you can buy this from GearBest, there will be no custom duty.

Use the link and note down the coupon code : GBCE this will give you some discount, better select Priority shipping that will cost a little extra in fact with the coupon code you can consider priority line shipping as free – in all the band should come for around $33.22 with priority line shipping (approx less than Rs. 2500).

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in