OnePlus keen on entering the Indian Mobile market

Probably looking at the tremendous success that Xiaomi got within few days of its launch in India, OnePlus is now showing interest in India. As per a post on the forum they have mentioned “we’re interested in India”. If things go right, we could see the OnePlus brand in India, pretty soon.

OnePlus One has been getting tremendous response especially from India, even when the product is not available in India. Indian users are getting the ‘One’ from their friend / family in the US (asking them to bring it into India), some are even buying it for a higher price from As per OnePlus, India ranks at Number 8 (interest wise) despite not having the product launched there. It is a huge market that simply cannot be ignored.

OnePlus One was the first handset that the company launched. It is priced at $299 for the 16GB version. The handset is powered by 801 Snapdragon quad core processor running CyanogenMod 11S (KitKat) over a 5.5 inch screen with FHD resolution and 3GB RAM.

The handset comes with 16GB / 64GB storage options. Key features are NFC, 4G (LTE), Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. Also included is a 13MP rear camera with IMX214 6 lens sensor and 5MP front camera. Battery is 3100 mAh.

OnePlus Destination India

If the OnePlus does enter into India and if they can afford to keep the starting price tag within 20K or around 20K to 23K it will get the same response as Xiaomi Mi3 got. After sales support is equally important, hope they don’t ignore that.

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  1. Tarun says

    How many phones in India are supporting 4g within 20k guyz? I searched a lot for 4g mobiles but not a single good topic found.

  2. ankit says

    I don’t understand why tech people here are soo much conscious about processor, benchmarks and ram of phones. Even a dual core processor and 512 mb ram phone is enough for 99% people’s who are non gamers or light gamers like temple run, candy crush etc.

    Check the hardware of Apple products they only provide what is needed in real life. They never provide more then 1 gb ram, they never provide more than dual core processor phone but still no one in the world complaints bcz every one knows it’s sufficient for everything. So my point is to stop
    thinking about snapdragon 800 or 600 bcz even a moto g snapdragon 400 is enough for all.

    • Manideep says

      Ha ha ha, Good joke. Advise are good. But its better if you keep that to yourself! lol. Iphone 4s 5 and 5s have quad core and have 1gb of ram Lol if you use an iPhone 4 you would know what sort of a s***t could be 512 mb of ram. Get informed. 800 and 801 are very imp. As of now!

      • Rohith M says

        Nope they dont have any quad core processors, The point is since Apple is introducing just 1 or 2 phones in a year with premium price tag which is like atleas 5 times a affordable Android phone, they are getting enough time to design their OS to take most of the hardware. They even design their own hardware to complement their OS. A software which is correctly optmised for the underlying hardware will run smooth. On the other hand Android is designed not for single processor, or a single device. And it doesnt make the company to spend large amount on money on customising the OS for their hardware, because they are selling at low price point.

        • shyam says

          No file system, difficult to download from third party sources, can’t add stuff from your PC in a simple way(including zipped collections directly through Bluetooth), and bunch together mixed content, according to your needs. No customizability in anything – the interface, the keyboard etc, no microsd support. Screen too small for enjoying multimedia or even typing for many people. Apple is not practical except for people with almost nil tech-savvy.

          It is already one generation behind in mobile PC technology. And anyway, a Nokia Windows phone which you can get for less money is very smooth and sparing of battery juice, and though not as customizable as Android is much better than Apple, and gives you better value for money as far as the simple things in life are concerned. The MacBook Air is a great Apple product and the best HOME laptop all round. The MacBook Pro may be a worthy investment for multimedia professionals. Anything else is only for people who are interested in cosmetics at the expense of functionality.

  3. Manal Modi says

    Galaxy s4 has a snapdragon 600 not snapdragon 800 and in india s4 launch with Samsung exyonos processor. In India samsung always make fool to us. First Time in India Samsung launch s5 with snapdragon 801 after poor sales of exyonos octa process with no support 4G.

  4. nilesh says

    Why not Indian company make such phone I think we can pay 23k on local brand if they provide snapdragon 805 3 GB ddr3 ram Sony camera with OIS with CM 11 rather paying 45 k on lg g3.

    • Pratik says

      Problem is Indian companies just rebrand some Chinese oems.. But I am sure things will get better in coming years…

  5. vijay says

    OnePlus One production is so limited–they are hardly able to meet China demand, they want to come to India and play the same game of invites !! yahan nahi chale ga..only companies with sufficient production backup will succeed. Xiaomi is head up in this with their production of several millions per month.

  6. Akshay says

    Hope oneplus one will sell its phones with huge stock. Xiaomi’s sale strategy is very pathetic, even after registration people have to wait for week to purchase phone and most disappointing is that we are not able to buy phone bcoz of less stock. Have to wait for another week for next sale. Just imagine what will happen wen redmi 1s and note will be launch.

  7. vishal says

    Gogi please please please try to get review unit Asus Zenfone 5 ASAP, THEY SOLD 40, 000 Asus zenfones in India in 4 Days….!!!! I Want to buy it.

  8. निलेश says

    mobile segment मे अच्छे दिन आनेवाले है..

    • sachin11 says

      But mobile data plan are getting more more expensive so whats the use if we have to shell out more and more money every month. TRAI has no control over 2G and 3G data plan prices and government is indirectly contributing to price rise by charging very high money for spectrum sale and telecom companies in turn recover that money from consumers by constantly increasing the data charges almost every month.

    • vaibhav says

      Its sad that you said them too late, its a great news that they are planing to enter India whereas xiaomi has no plans to launch it soon in India. They were actually the first to provide such an hardware at low cost they believe in policy you say we listen. They were first to provide attractive back pannel with wooden, denim etc finish even before moto x.

        • vaibhav says

          Fanboy not so true loved to be called tech lover, who always thinks of specs these days I am only dreaming mi4 but will only buy the one who arrives first in India.

      • Swadheen says

        Yes they are late bro and the second thing is their way of selling invites system is bad.

        • vaibhav says

          Agreed but only in a condition if you make me aware of some other phone capable of competing flagships of the top brands within 20000 budged. And don’t give example oh mi4 as xiaomi has no plans to launch mi4 in India so early.

            • vaibhav says

              That means mi 3 uses snapdragon 800 which was also used in s4, hence it is using 1 generation old SoC and when we talk of one plus, mi4 they uses snapdragon 801 also used in s5.

              • Arfat says

                I think vaibhav is just considering Samsung’s flagships don’t you know there are better phones phones than the s5.

              • Adi says

                You call yourself a tech lover? S801 is just an over clocked S800. Basically no difference. I still don’t understand what you’re trying to prove.

                • Swadheen says

                  Agree With Adi On this, Snapdragon 800 is more than capable of handling things for quite a lot of time… oneplus marketing strategy is sh*t… I seriously suggest waiting for mi4 if you are hell bent for snapdragon 801…. honestly no app will be that demanding.. mi3 at 14k is a steal.

  9. nilesh says

    One plus one follows the same strategy what Google nexus had followed what makes it cheaper is very simple to just bring top hardware and relying on AOSP for software and they do not have to pay huge on developing technology like Samsung and Apple is doing plus advertisement for brand and infrastructure for establishing service centres across the world and r available much more easily to people of world due to their investment this makes their phone to high in price to 700 dollars but one plus and xiaomi have made a statement that to make a flagship phone people don’t need to pay 700 dollars instead they can get it for 320 dollar.

    • Pratik says

      You are saying they don’t develop software and provide AOSP but that’s not right. One plus one using cm 11 as their os. Better than laggy touchwiz I think..

      • nilesh says

        Cm11 can be installed on any rooted phone and it lags on OnePlus one as stated by Marques Brownie check YouTube review just sharing my views xiaomi miui can be flashed on popular micromax HD 116 even note 3 software with multi window can run on canvas HD 116 so cheers!

        • rock says

          It’s CM11s which is specifically tailored for One Plus One. The diffrence is they have hired CM developer team to support this os. Thats why you see constant updates on OnePlus one.

          And CM is way better than MiUi. I am using both Mi3 and OnePlus One. Even though Mi3 has Snapdragon 800 processor, Mi3 legs like hell. Just open any folder in Miui. No way you can call it smooth. Ang for the bugs list of Miui5 or 6 is endless.

          Cusomization on Miui is very low compared to CM. And by the way Xiaomi doesnt provide source code for their phones so forget installing custom roms.

          • rock says

            I forgot to mention the Lollipop update. NIghtly builds are coming now. Stable version will be availble for OPO within 2 months.

            For Mi3 or Mi4 lets hope it will not take more than a year.

      • nilesh says

        I wanted to say they are relying on Custom ROM developed On AOSP created by android developers of the world.

  10. Akshay says

    Eager to see how oneplus one will do in India. Seeing their success in international market I think they would get good response in India too.

  11. Pratik says

    I don’t think One plus one will create same hype as Xiaomi has created with their Mi3.. Price is key in India ! Xiaomi wins clearly.. But having said that I would like to say that this is the “Golden Era” of mobile market in India… :)