The Mi3 stock got sold out in flat 5 seconds. In fact many users have complained that they did hit the buy button as soon as it became available but it was already out of stock. Many users did manage to add the product to their cart at just about 00:00:00.

As per the press release that I just received there were about 10,000 Xiaomi Mi3 handsets and all of that stock got sold off within seconds. 250,000 users were simultaneously access the Mi3 page. The only thing that needed to be done was to add the Mi3 to the cart. Many users managed to do so.

The users who got the Mi3 in their shopping cart got plenty of time to make the payments later on. So the 5 seconds was just related to users adding the handset to their shopping cart. There is a possibility that some of the users might not complete the transaction even after getting the Mi3 in their cart, but looking at the craze I think it will be minimal.

According to Flipkart CEO Mr. Sachin Bansal, they learned a lot from the first sales and this time they did not face any major issues. They are still working for a seamless customer experience in the future. The next Mi3 sale will be on August 5th.

Xiaomi Mi3 gone in 5 sec

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -