Most smartphones that are launched today come with hybrid SIM slot, but if you want you can use both SIMs + Micro SD card together using the Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter that helps you run 2 SIMs and Micro SD card at the same time.

Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter

This adapter comes with the nano SIM circuit that is paper thin attached with a paper thin circuit that connects with nano SIM slot. Now you can buy nano to nano, nano to micro SD or nano to normal SIM adapter.

I got the nano to nano slot adapter. This adapter will work with almost all hybrid slot provided the micro SD slot / nano is near the tray, since the paper thin circuit comes out from that end. The setup is very simple, it might take some time getting the nano adapter inside to fit properly.

hybrid SIM adapter attached to Redmi 4

Once done you will be able to use SIM + Micro SD card that is within the handset and a nano SIM via the circuit outside.

hybrid SIM adapter

Check video for more details.

hybrid SIM adapter nano to nano

Where to buy?

You can buy this from for Rs. 299 (price now increased) or you can also buy from international website for a cheaper price, but it will take around 30 days for delivery.

hybrid SIM adapter bottom

A very good option for those looking to use micro SD card and 2 SIMs. On the back you can stick the external SIM tray, best option would be to buy a back cover so that it gets covered completely.

I tried this on Redmi 4 handset and it worked, now on my Redmi 4 I can use SIM 1 + SIM 2 + micro SD card all together. This adapter should work on almost all Redmi Models.

Let me know what you think about this Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter.

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  1. I had tried the solution of sticking the sim card to sd card and use 2 sims and sd card simultaneously on my Xperia X dual. However only one sim and sd card works. What can be the possible reason for this.

    1. No as long as you are careful with the external SIM slot that sticks out. Better use a back case to protect that.

      1. Thank you
        I am buying one from AliExpress for rs80. Some one told me that as it may damage the chip set or motherboard because it uses same slot to read both. That’s why bit concerned sir

  2. Arrival of such a product should shame the hybrid slot mobile manufacturing companies.

    Please understand now what people need

  3. My friend using this on his Redmi 3s. He facing Network problem that is, if he use internet on the second sim the first sim network totally goes off. Is it normal? Anybody tell me.

    1. I think he use jio type of only 4g network sim that’s why when switched data to 2nd sim network gone.iam using it almost 1month no problem for me.

  4. It will look very odd.
    Better to buy a Smartphone with dedicated sd card slot.

  5. Can you please provide a link from where I can purchase a nano to normal SIM adapter ?

  6. This may be a good option for some people. But this external device just make your naked phone look ugly. Personally I dont prefer phone case covers and hence this is not a good option.

    If we get used to these type of hacks, soon mobile manufacturers may omit sd card slot also and people will findout another hack to get it back.

    Instead of using these type of items, we have to reach mobile company owners and tell them our need of 2 sim slots plus separate slot for memory.

    We should encourage those companies which comes with that feature.

    But due to over love to xiaomi company we sacrificed this feature for awesome battery life and best price of Redmi devices.

    Again we have to send strong message to xiaomi that hybrid slot has not much future.

    If you agree with me just like this.

  7. It will be best if telecom operators come with a hybrid chip which has sim + sd onboard and both works in hybrid slots. No burning​ or stick out needed. I wonder if the circuit remain safe after closing the sim tray which is very compact in most cases.

    1. I used to feel the same previously ans tarted using a 32 gb OTP pendrive. but believe me I stoped using it as otg after a month’s usage due to many reasons.
      u cant carry it all the time with u
      u have to keep transferring files from mobile ot otg and u will loose interest in what u thought of doing bu the time files get transferred.
      when compared the transfer speed will be a little low

  8. Gogi & friends, a silly question, Is this adaptor works in iPhone ? Or Is there any adopter which will work on iPhone????

    1. No, Never for iPhone. But I have heard of some Bluetooth utility which can carry second sim. Search on ebay international

  9. Can this is useful in samsung S 8 plus. If this is possible then why these companies make hybrid sim slot.

  10. There are many people who claim that its working when remove chip from Sim card(with burning method)and stick on micro SD card and it will work it possible??

    1. I am also using it, but be careful,first try I messed up,had to replace sim,second try succeeded..

  11. I’ve Redmi Note 3 (3 GB RAM, 32GB ROM) which has around 24 GB of internal storage available. The problem is I’ve more than 40 GB of data on my 64 GB MicroSD card and I can’t use my MicroSD Card if I’ve 2 SIM Cards inserted as Redmi Note 3 has hybrid SIM slot. I think in this day and age, hybrid SIM slot is a big compromise, especially for people like me. This adapter might solve my issue but you know, inbuilt solution is always better. Thanks for the article and for mentioning the link to buy the product. I’ll definitely buy a few to test this solution.

  12. Amazon has raised price to ₹ 425. But available for ₹249 shipped on ebay in is a great deal.

  13. Gogi, Please share the link of the international website..couldn’t find it on banggood.

      1. No use I have ordered two times but still, nill it doesn’t reach you either it got lost or dumped :/

        1. Then try for registered post. Non registered post in few cases never make it.

        2. I have also ordered 2 times from ali expess both are delevered under 30 days

      2. Dear Gogi, How many day it takes to reach any order from China to India via simple mode (Post) of shipping.

        1. Free shipping there are two types with tracking and without tracking, without tracking take up to 30 days may be 45 days at times. With tracking takes 15 to 25 days. Note its working days.