How to use dual SIM plus micro SD together on a hybrid slot

Most smartphones that are launched today come with hybrid SIM slot, but if you want you can use both SIMs + Micro SD card together using the Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter that helps you run 2 SIMs and Micro SD card at the same time.

Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter

This adapter comes with the nano SIM circuit that is paper thin attached with a paper thin circuit that connects with nano SIM slot. Now you can buy nano to nano, nano to micro SD or nano to normal SIM adapter.

I got the nano to nano slot adapter. This adapter will work with almost all hybrid slot provided the micro SD slot / nano is near the tray, since the paper thin circuit comes out from that end. The setup is very simple, it might take some time getting the nano adapter inside to fit properly.

hybrid SIM adapter attached to Redmi 4

Once done you will be able to use SIM + Micro SD card that is within the handset and a nano SIM via the circuit outside.

hybrid SIM adapter

Check video for more details.

hybrid SIM adapter nano to nano

Where to buy?

You can buy this from for Rs. 299 (price now increased) or you can also buy from international website for a cheaper price, but it will take around 30 days for delivery.

hybrid SIM adapter bottom

A very good option for those looking to use micro SD card and 2 SIMs. On the back you can stick the external SIM tray, best option would be to buy a back cover so that it gets covered completely.

I tried this on Redmi 4 handset and it worked, now on my Redmi 4 I can use SIM 1 + SIM 2 + micro SD card all together. This adapter should work on almost all Redmi Models.

Let me know what you think about this Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter.


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