I have already done the review of Redmi 4 that covered almost everything but there is one question that many users were asking and that is, ‘does Redmi 4 screen comes with Gorilla Glass protection‘? Let’s find out.

Is Redmi 4 Corning Gorilla Glass protected?

I did a small scratch test using a sharp blade on the glass and there were no starches. I did apply a small force but nothing happened to the glass. I also stuck a tape on the screen and used the blade to cut the tape, still no scratch.

The conclusion is that the screen is scratch resistant to some extent, well almost all handsets launched today provide this little bit of protection, but this does not mean that the screen is Gorilla Glass protected. Gorilla Glass will provide more protection but they can break if glass take the first hit from a certain height / angle.

Redmi 4 screen Scratch Test

Having Gorilla Glass  is a good thing and if it is used, the manufacturer will mention that on their website, as it is an added advantage, adds value to the product. But there is no mention of Gorilla Glass on Mi India official website.

The Redmi 4 screen is scratch resistant to some extent, and there is no mention of Gorilla Glass on official website. Some are still saying that the screen does come with Gorilla Glass, well those who say so are not going to give you any warranty.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in