HCL has also joined the dual core (tablet) bandwagon by launching the HCL ME G1 a 9.7 inch tablet for Rs. 14,999. The tab runs on Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich OS).

The features are almost similar to what is being offered on the Wammy Athena, with some minor changes. The ME G1 is powered by cortex A9 dual core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz with Mali 400 quad core GPU.

The tab runs on android 4.0 unlike the Athena which comes loaded with Jelly Bean.  HCL G1 comes with 1GB DDR3 RAM and internal storage of 8GB. The IPS display screen is 9.7 inches (4:3 aspect ratio) with 1024×768 pixels resolution.

The 9.7 inch tab does support 3G/4G via an external dongle / data card. There are two cameras a front 0.3 MP and a rear 2MP.  Not sure if you get full access to Google play, but like all HCL tab this one too comes with Me APP Store.

Other features are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, micro SD card slot and 3.5 mm jack. The tab weighs 570 grams and is 11 mm thin. A 7000 mAh Li-Po battery powers this tablet. To know more about HCL ME G1 tablet click here.

HCL ME G1 dual core tablet with 9.7 inch IPS screen

HCL ME G1 key features and specifications

  • Dual core 1.2 GHz + Mali 400 quad core GPU.
  • 1GB DDR3 RAM, 8GB internal storage and micro SD card slot.
  • Android 4.0.4.
  • 2MP rear + 0.3MP front cameras.
  • 9.7 inch IPS capacitive touchscreen with 1024×768 pixels resolution.
  • 3G/4G via dongle, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4 and mini USB.
  • 7000 mAh battery.

Difference between Wammy Athena v/s HCL Me G1

Wammy Athena HCL Me G1
Jelly Bean OS (Android 4.1) ICS (Android 4.0.4)
16GB internal storage 8GB internal storage
8000 mAh battery 7000 mAh battery
Price Rs. 14,280 Price Rs. 14,999

As you can see Wammy Athena has much better features but when it come to brand HCL wins.

Published by Gogi Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in

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  1. Sir, reading your reviews are a delight. I wanted to go for hcl g1 tab but I just inquired around and found that there is a lot of hardware problems with it and that hcl servicing is not good can u enlighten me on dis? And do you have any news regarding hcl upgrading its 10 inch category of tabs soon?

  2. I want to purchase a hcl tab. I am confused b/w G1 & Y3. i want to use 3g sim, but data usage is not supported directly by sim in G1 while other features are better than that of Y3. PLease Help.

  3. Gogi… thanks but sorry to inform tht review was not perfect with OS details, as you said product is coming with 4.0 OS [ HCL Me g1] …. not possible they are providing tablet with 4.1, Only issue with Bluetooth but it is issue of google android 4.1 not for HCL Me G 1
    2. while comparing HCL is big brand name and far better than chip Chines Tablets..
    it may be my perception but HCL is better and worth to buy
    Regards – Urvish

    1. Thank Urvish, but this is not an review its just a normal article, news about the tab and comparison with another tab.

  4. Compare this with karbonn smarttab 10 cosmic. Please I want your inputs quickly, I am thinking of buying either of them.

  5. Hi Gogi,

    I m looking for some detailed info on the HCL ME G1, could you please let me know if you are aware?

    1. Can we connect external memory such as Pen-drive or a hard disk?

    2. How many USB ports are available? I just want to know if can connect my 3G dongle and a tablet keyboard simultaneously.

    3. Can google play/Android market be installed separately? Checking with HCL, I just got to know there is no commitment from them but want to know technically if feasible to install.


  6. Dear Gogi, I am interested in HCL ME G1. I want to know whether any issues/complaints are there in the product.
    please help advise.

  7. Gogi ,Ainol is taking preorder for 10 inches HERO tablet & features looks attractive, Pl see below link.

    1. Pranav,
      Spec wise Ainol is the best. Watch you tube video from deals prime. But I will wait for Ainnol Captain which cost $20 more. Ainol Captain is quad core and resolution 1980×1080.

      Ainol after sales service, I have no idea!

  8. Hi gogi I have taken this tab recently, I have a broadband connection at home but no wifi, so suggest me some good sites to download the apps offline so that I can move them to my tablet.

  9. Hi Gogi,

    Wammy Athena display you said is average in terms of viewing angle. How about it is in hcl-me-g1.

    Do they have optional keyboard dock?

    1. I guess it will be the same on HCL too for this price don’t expect much. There are no keyboard doc but you can connect USB / Bluetooth keyboards.

  10. Hi gogi I am looking for hcl me g1 so can you plz tell me about this tab whether I will go for this one or and other one my budget is in 15k.

    1. Yes its a good tab and its dual core. The other option is Wammy Athena, check the review for that on my site.

  11. Hi, gogi i m looking for a tablet which can be use for good quality skype video calling, and support 3g either by dongle or, enabled.
    i m bit confuse whether to go for good brand like samsung tab2 or,
    cheaper brand can perform my requirment like micromax funbook, karboun, penta tab,
    plz guide me choose right product and reliability.
    it would be really appreciate….thnks

  12. Hi gogi tell me when google is going to launch its nexus 7 tab in India or I should buy it from ebay usa.

  13. I was in dilemma between micromax funbook alpha and karbonn smart tab 3..? my requirements r document viewing and little bit gaming and expecting gud battery life… plz suggest one of them that suits me.
    waiting for ur reply bro

  14. Sure HCL wins at least for the IPS screen it has got. Although i read ur wammy athena review i don’t remember if it has an IPS display. If the screen’s similar, it’s wammy all the way.

      1. Hi Gogi, I have seen the review of athena and in that you have told that the viewing angle is not tht good even with IPS screen. Do you think in HCL the viewing angle will be better? Will it has the touchscreen as good as athena?

          1. Hi gogi, thnxs for the reply.
            So overall HCL will be a better choice over athena? As in athena u also told that there is some problem with the backside, when you press a bit on back it reflects some disturbance on the screen. So It should not present in HCL brand. What is your response on it?

          2. Not sure if HCL will have the same issue but you should be able to see a demo in HCL store or in malls.

  15. HCL me have no Google Play integration. Without apps this is nothing. Funbook is a value for money thing.