The Xtab A10 tab launched by NXG Electronics Pvt Ltd, now joins the low cost tablet bandwagon in India claiming to be the first android 4.0 powered tablet PC for a price of just Rs. 5,490. Well this may not be the cheapest tablet but once you have a look at the specifications you might want to order it, right away.

The Xtab A10 is powered by Cortex A8 AllWinner A10 processor clocked at 1.5 GHz and comes with a capacitive touchscreen. This tablet is available in 4 GB and 8 GB versions with microSD support. The exciting part is the 1.5 GHz power and the ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) android 4.0.

Xtab A10 features / specifications

Processor and OS: This tablet houses the Allwinner processor running at 1.5 GHz frequency. It supports 2D / 3D graphics, HD video decoder (2160p) and HD video encoder (1080p). This low cost tablet runs on the latest Android 4.0 OS.

Size and Display: The Xtab A10 weighs 360 grams and is 12.8 mm thick. TFT LCD display screen is 7 inches (16:9) LED backlit supporting 800 by 480 pixels resolution. The interesting part is that the touchscreen is of capacitive technology with multi touch support. Low cost tablets usually come with resistive touchscreen so having a capacitive screen for few rupees more is a good choice. There is the G-Sensor for auto screen rotation.

Android 4.0 powered Xtab A10 tablet
Xtab A10 tablet

Memory and Storage: The A10 comes with 4 GB and 8 GB internal memory along with microSD support. The 8 GB version will cost you a little more.

Camera: Just like on the BSNL-Penta tablet this tablet too comes with a front facing VGA camera that can be used for video chatting.

Connectivity: You cannot make or receive calls on this tablet. There is no internal SIM slot. For connectivity you have the Wi-Fi, and Mini 5 pin USB port (OTG) port that supports USB Dongle / WCDMA / CDMA EVDO. This tab also comes loaded with chrome lite web browser.

Xtab A10 features and price in India
Xtab A10 features

Multimedia: This Xtab A10 tablet does come with internal loudspeaker and built in mic. You can control the volume using the VOL+ and VOL – keys. Furthermore you can connect external headphones to the 3.5mm stereo jack. There is a HDMI port for full HD output and the media player does support many audio and video formats.

Battery: The 3600 mAh Li-po battery gives a decent time of up to 5 hours of continuous web surfing.

Xtab A10 low cost ICS tablet in India
Xtab A10 low cost ICS tablet

I have ordered this tablet and expect it to be delivered within a week or two. Β Once I get the tablet I will do full review, so stay tuned.Β  The 4 GB version is currently not available.

Xtab A10 price in India for 4G version is Rs. 5,490 and the 8 GB version will cost you Rs. 6,490. To order online visit the website

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  1. I want to buy it. I intend to use it for blooging. Will it be helpful to type long blog posts.

    1. Deepak, it is not very comfortable using a tablet for typing. A dock-able keyboard could help. But if you are primarily buying the tab for typing work I would suggest you better get a netbook.

  2. I want to buy a tablet within Rs. 7000 with ICS, GPS, SIM CARD SUPPORT, BLUETOOTH, CAMERA, HDMI. Please suggest.

    1. Santosh, difficult to find all these on a tablet but you can get these (excluding HDMI) on an ICS phone for under Rs. 7,000.

  3. To Every One, Don't Buy this Huge Big Tab. I had Purchased TAB 1 on Jan 2012 and It was not working from the first day itself, Then they are replaced one after one week… Within 4 months that's Battery gone wrong and back up was 15 Mins. Then I send the same to NXG for service and after 4 days they are asking additional Amount for replacing the battery and the way they opened my Tab is Horrible, even they don’t know to close the back cover properly.

    More over while Charging the Tab battery time you can't use/ work on this Tab, Screen will not respond.

    Second thing is tabs date and time will be changing every reboot, so you need to change the time and date before going to application store and browsing.
    You can’t take this Tab out in front of any of your friends or your co-Worker because of the Bad Build Quality. Build Quality is Very Very Bad compare to any Brand like HCL, IBall.

  4. Please inform GOGI which one is better among these.

    Xtab A10 tablet .,BSNL T TabWS 802C, HCL ME Tablet X1 ,ZYNC Z-900

    1. Xtab A10 is better than HCL ME both don't have built in 3G/2G SIM slot. The BSNL T TabWS 802C is better than these as with many features that are missing on A01 and ME.
      It all comes to the price when comparing with A10 and 802C if you have the money go for 802C ). But you may have a hard time getting to the Penta customer support. I know it cause I have paid for the Rs. 3250 tab and expect that in a few days..

  5. Thanks Gogi for your video review it helps me a lot.
    and i say that this is the perfect meaning of video review that you made

  6. hey gogi…what about your promise of uploading the video of xtab a10…up tonight? where is it?

    1. Am uploading as I Type sorry for delay.. The slow net and video editor that crashed 'n' number of times..

      1. I haven't slept yet… until nd unless , i watch the video nd have ur full review, i cannot sleep today.

          1. Hi sorry stupid Youtube.. re- uploading video.. I am making the text version live video will added in 30 minutes when done..

          2. waiting again…!!!!!

            what is the size of the video ??

            at least u can write here the detail review tooooo!!!!!!!

            u have checked, how is the battery backup of the tab using WiFi continuously or dongle ?

            is there any lag ??

            can we use multi tasking ?

            the other 3d games or hd games played smoothly ?

            how is the touch sensitive ?

            did u have played any hd video ????

            did u have played any motion sensor games on it ???

            these are the queries of mine…..

            if possible then plzzzzzz tell it

          3. already live video in 20 minutes. check .

            All your questions answered in text review and video..(video uploading – 20 more minutes..please)

    2. Gogi pls suggest me which one to buy according to you I am very confused pls help me make a choice between micromax funbook, hcl u1 and xtab a10, pls help me so that I can buy one urgently.

      1. Himanshu if you look at xtab and funbook both are Chinese made about HCL I am not sure. But HCL also got some limitation which is it does not support google play. I find Xtab is better than micromax. But in case of issue with hardware, problems it will be a slow process with xtab and may be the same with micromax. I would suggest you go for the xtab. But hold on there is some new news, if you cannot wait go for Xtab or micromax (both are same hardware). Other option is this

  7. Hey gogi plz tell dat when will the xtab a10 4gb be available. Also tell me dat is it safe to use debit card for payment

    1. Hi, You can check the to know when the 4GB version will be available. As for using credit or debit card I do not trust the ccavenue gateway. You can call the NXG guys and see if COD (Cash on delivery) option is available, if not you can transfer money to their bank accounts.

      1. Gogi in punjab cash on delivery is not available so what i do ???

        Is i trust them or pay them with mu debit card……

        or buy it from some other store. if so tell about it…

        1. I think you better call the NXG they will help you better and am sure they will give you more payment options.

        2. are yaar buy it from ebay, and if u have debit or credit card of hdfc bank or icici then u will get discount coupons also…. 5 % discount means it will less 300 rs. whats more. ebay is one of the safest one.

    1. Nice it gives lot of information

      Its battery backup ,

      How many days they take to deliver the tab and which mode of payment you selected.

  8. Hey,Gogi

    waiting for your video review on xtab plz. post is asap..

    Tell me your channel name on youtube

    where i can watch your old video reviews.


          ZYNC Z990 – 8500 RS.

          XTAB A10 – 6500 RS.

          VEEDEE D10e – 7000 RS.

    1. plz, upload the review, and give us ur full experience …
      at least a expert review is needed….
      just want to know how much battery gives backup using dongle or WiFi….

  9. hello,
    plz give the detail review……
    man people are waiting for the review.
    the people who are getting the tab , they are not giving any kind of review.
    plz give the detail review and if possible then video…….

  10. So,how's your experience with it?? It is good… Is the touch screen responding good?? & is it fast to open applications??

    1. Prithish, so far impressive, I am doing the video(high quality) + review most probably by tomorrow.

      1. It took u so long jst to reply dat… πŸ˜€ It is taking longer tym to open applications or normal? & Hav u rooted it?

        1. ha ha nothing of that but am busy with unboxing video and photo shoot with slr, you know you might have seen the videos I create on youtube its not a one take and upload kinda..

  11. Have you got it yet? Even Arpan Deb didn't get it… I don't know what the hell nxg guys r doing.

  12. On chatting with on line customer service, the official says it is made of Metal body

    1. It is plastic body, I will be getting my tab this week. Will post a review then, more details with video.

    1. Yes Chandan, they are working on the built in 3G tab, it will take some time but the price is not known yet. It might be say few more months before they disclose.

  13. Why no customer review.

    Why No video refiew from the company?

    How can we customers, trust the Tablet as good as you company peoples says.

  14. Have you yet received the tab? Please review it as soon as u get it and don't forget to post the video also. πŸ™‚

    1. Prithish,
      I should have got the tablet latest by tomorrow but it seems the NXG company had some clearance problem with the Indian customs and DHL which is now resolved but few days were lost in the process. They will start the dispatch soon, probably today or from Monday. I think I will get the tab most probably next week. The good thing about the NXG company is that they kept the customers updated on the happenings. They are also giving 16 GB memory card free for the delay caused. Furthermore they are always available via email, chat or on phone.

      I will post the video review as soon as I get the tab.

    2. They(nxg) are not promising any demo even in pune. They wants to sell A10 without any video demo.It seems me fishing. If they have their web site and proud on their product they should do it immediately. On phone they says that no body is available as their sales force is involved with heavy orders.Even after 20 days of launch no customer has reviewed it. Please save u r hard earned money

  15. Hi GoGi,

    The tab really looks awesome with these specs. Please suggest whether i should book one for me

    1. Sindhu, I have ordered the tab and will be doing a review on it. NXG is also planning to launch the tab with 3G SIM option. If you want you can buy from their site mentioned in the article or wait for review and the Xtab A10 with sim.

  16. Oh! Dat will b great :)) ill wait for buying xtab until a reveiw πŸ™‚ Hope u get it soon!! πŸ™‚

    Coz i was thinking of buying olivepad and now m confused betwn nxg nd olivepad :/ Eagerly waiting 4 your reveiw!! Gn

    1. Hi ajinkya
      I have got a call from the company and they will ship the tab before 25th March. Will do a full review as soon as I get it. In the mean time also waiting for BSNL tab no call from them yet.