Another exciting sale on GearBest site for exclusive brands, check out discounts, offers and more. GearBest is an international site and you will find products that are not available in India. Also makes sense to buy stuffs that are not available in India.

Exclusive Brands Sale

For this sale you will get discounts, use the coupon codes mentioned on the page. Alfawise S95 TV BOX running Android 7.0 is available for $29.99. There are mini PC’s and TV boxes with great prices (when you order make sure to select priority line shipping option). Also check the Furibee F80 action camera for $17.99 and mini drones.

Top Brands Best Mobiles Phones (not available in India)

Check this page to find some cool and unique smartphones that you will not get in India / not available in India. But do note that when you buy Mobiles phones / Tablets / Laptops etc you cannot use priority line shipping, do not go for free shipping choose DHL (express shipping), also note you will need to pay custom duty.

GearBest Sale

Toys (RC special)

Check this RC Toys page big promotion, buy one get one free, new arrivals and coupons. You can buy toys if there is priority line shipping option.

Under $9.99 gaming accessories

If you love gaming then check these under $9.99 accessories – wireless game controller, Bluetooth remote controller, gamepad and more.

Sports / Fitness offers

Check out the Xiaomi Amazfit Sports smartwatch for $103.99 and the ThiEYE T5e 4K sports camera for $105.99.

Lighting sales

Check this page for lightning sales, flash lights, motion sensing light and more.

New products exclusively on GearBest

JUNSUN T518 Car Dash Camera for $19.99
JMGO M6 Portable DLP Projector for $399
FLSUN S Complete 3G Printer $509.99

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  1. Gogi bhai
    Please suggest good bluetooth headset as i travel by bike a lot. Am using plantronics now but its price is near 7500

  2. Please suggest a good bluetooth headset with mic which can be used in gym or during running. Max ₹3k i can afford.

    1. I ordered V88 TV box for $ 23 & selected priority line shipment no custom duty levied. unfortunately the set was dead & after lodging complain they reversed full payment in wallet. Today I ordered for Alfawise S95. Bindas go & order no custom duty if selected priority line shiping.

      1. i got the same today. no duty payable on the same. Thanks Gogiji. this was highly needed. what a valentine day gift for my wife

  3. 1. Any mobile with 5000+ battery and above average camera?
    2. Do we have any option / trick that don’t have to pay shipping charges?

      1. Thanks, but it’s already 1.5 years old mobile lenovo p2. Is it sensible to buy it now in 2018?
        I am using lenovo k4 note.
        How about Asus zenfone 4 max pro?
        Any suggestions?
        How to get it in India without extra shipping and duty?

  4. Gogi i want to buy windows tablet Chuwi brand how much custom duty will i pay suppose price is 7000

    1. Well It depends on the valuation of the customs officials..Ask gearbest to attach original bill and not to undervalue it.I ordered a chuwi lapbook for 15k (12k +3k as Dhl cost) and paid Rs 1700 as customs.. Initially They assumed my lapbook to be Rs 30,000, and charge 10,000customs…lol.. Since i ordered via DHL I contacted them with the necessary docs and ultimately paid Rs 1700 as customs.

      1. You need to be careful with DHL they will charge you no matter what, hence makes sense to buy high value products over 10,000 Rs. or so.

  5. Gogi or someone please tell me which Drone I can get it to INDIA and use here. I know there are some challenges to use here. I’m little excited to get XIAOMI Mi Drone 4K UHD WiFi FPV Quadcopter.If not this any other Drone. Please suggest some good one. Budget is 15K around. Thanks in advance

  6. gogi sir, how to know whether those smartphones supports to
    our ( india’s) 4G networks or not. if possible pls tell the indian 4g